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... op exercises. Figured it would help later and what the heck I need to strengthen the knee any way you look at it. Got book recommended on this forum from the library and found it really easy to read. ... (371 replies)
... I hope that all those who have had to endure TKR are doing well. I am on my second replacement. Did the right knee 3 years ago but never felt that it really worked until I did the left knee this summer. ... (544 replies)
... Recovery is tough. I had arthoscopic surgery on my left knee in November so it would be strong enough to handle the strain of having the right TKR. It has done well. ... (371 replies)

... First let me say, 6 days post TKR is pretty soon to be expecting great things. This is a long process with a lot of hard work. I'm 6 months PO and still have swelling and fluid from time to time. ... (371 replies)
... cond TKR. Well now I have had my third, yup you read right, my third. I went to see my surgeon for my 6 months postop visit, I was finally walking pretty good, swelling was finally pretty much gone and the only problem I had to report was a tendency for my leg to just buckle right out from under me. ... (544 replies)
... My right knee replacement was Aug. 4th so that puts me at about 5 weeks also. I'm age 72. The pain and swelling is a marathon of good and the next day "not so good." My incision is still bright red in spots. That is what makes you crazy and discouraged. ... (544 replies)
... Hi there, yes I get sort of a clunk click especially when just starting to walk, had knee replacement Nov 09 also noticed lots of swelling and tightness lately but have been trying to carry on as normal eg walking cycling and poss not resting enough, feels really strange at times and others can also hear it at times, also feels like a there is a lot of plastic bags, only way I... (371 replies)
... i am 6 days post surgical for a Total Knee Replacement . I am having HELL so many problems. Firstly I have had lowgrade fevers from the day after surgery until now. ... (371 replies)
... My Bilateral TKR was done on May 13, 2009. I had two surgeons, one for each knee. My recovery has been going well, but I have now developed a sharp pain in my right knee when I bend it to take a step. ... (544 replies)
... rs. I was in too much pain at 6 weeks. I certainly would not have enjoyed a vacation. I took a car trip at 8 weeks and barely enjoyed it. You have to worry about swelling on a plane trip more, but it depends on how long the flight is. ... (544 replies)
... DITTO... no back pain before.. but have it now. PT says it's from the adjustment to your gait with your new knee... not sure how much I believe that.. but she is probably right. I do know prior to surgery I had this "drop foot" thing going on besides being bone on bone.. and now that whole drop foot thing is gone... and I'm walking pretty normal. Hubby says he will see... (371 replies)
... 21 weeks, feel confident about doing just about anything, still have limp in left leg, knee feels good, swelling and pain go with my activities biggest pain is back, have pain I didnt have before the TKR (371 replies)
... In just over a month I will be 1 year post op from a total knee replacement. I continue to have pain daily, and try to control the pain with Aleve, and when that does not work, Vicodin. ... (3 replies)
... In just over a month I will be 1 year post op from a total knee replacement. I continue to have pain daily, and try to control the pain with Aleve, and when that does not work, Vicodin. ... (0 replies)
... (20 replies)
... My husband had Total Knee Replacement surgery 13 days ago. I came across this website and it was so helpful to me that I decided to tell our story. ... (20 replies)
... severe osteoarthritis in BOTH knees about 7 years ago. In Sept. of 2005, when I stepped up on a chair in a weird way, I heard and felt the cartilage in my right knee tear on me! ... (9 replies)
... BigBob, hate to say this but it will be different for every knee and situation. As a rule of thumb my doctor and therapist always tell me to be prepared for swelling and warmth in the joint for up to a year. ... (544 replies)
... Hi LPotter: I have never had a knee replacement - miine were hip replacements - but it seems to me you are doing very well in your rehab! My goodness, need no cane or walker, have 120 degree all sounds very good to me! It always seems like forever when we are working on getting our joint back to normal, is what I think, after having had two hip replacements. ... (2 replies)
Knee replacement
Jun 9, 2014
... Rick, I can truly relate. I had my TKR on Sept. 3, 2013. Still in pain constantly and swollen all the time. The swelling did finally start to go down around 6 months out, but it is still there. With exertion the swelling increases, as does the pain. ... (2 replies)

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