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... Both were extremely bowed so I've had some continuous nerve pain but that to is getting better with time. Everybody heals at a different pace as you heard and the heavy knee will become lighter but I really don't expect it to go away completely as they are made of man made materials. ... (2 replies)
... It sounds like you are doing great. My first couple of days after surgery now seem a bit of a blur. I had a spinal block and that Versed sedation they give with it can really play havoc with the brain. ... (544 replies)
... I have also heard of having an allergic reaction to the metal used in the joint. (544 replies)

... I had a Dr. tell me this happened with one of his patients. After much research they found she was allergic to the metal in that particular brand of knee joint. They redid the surgery and used a different joint and the lady was fine. Not sure that is your problem, but something to think about. ... (544 replies)
... I've Heard Recovery Time Depends On The Person But It Has Been 7 Weeks Since My Knee Surgery And To Walk Around Or Do Anything Is Still Quite Painful. When Does It Get Better. I'm Doing Therapy 3 Times A Week And My Quids Aren't Getting Stronger. ... (1 replies)
... recovery. My husband is looking at bilateral TKA in the future. He also had a meniscus tear surgery and swears it made things worse. He did have osteoarthritis already at that time. Did they repair your meniscus or do the partial trim? ... (12 replies)
... You will love your pool to do exercises..I work out at the therapy pool. I walk in place for 10 minutes, then do knee lifts..forward and backwards as well, and then squat in the pool. For you at the beginning, just walk around your pool. ... (544 replies)
... Gatergal it is wonderful to learn that you are doing so well. Doesn't it feel great to be free of all 'attachments' and be up to the warpaint again. That was when I really felt on the road to recovery. ... (544 replies)
... t know how bad his knees are. All I can really do is to say again get a second opinion. Your fathers pain may be able to be managed differently. I have had a knee replaced myself and believe me the recovery for me was very hard and I am only 50 years old. ... (3 replies)
... Okay is always so great to read your posts and I always gain some insight. I am almost 8 weeks out from my surgery and am doing reasonably well I think. It seems to me like my biggest problem is the swelling. ... (371 replies)
... I'm on Day 23 since TKR surgery and can flex 120 and extension at 5. I'm worried about my extension and my therapist seems to be as well, so doing more grueling extension excercises. What a nightmare this extension is! ... (371 replies)
... year old male just four weeks out from bilateral TKR. I was fortunate to find a surgeon who did the quadricep sparing procedure which drastically reduces pain and rehab time from surgery. I would encourage you to discuss this procedure with your surgeon and find another one if he can't do it. ... (544 replies)
... I graduated from PT today!!! I had my TKR on May 12th. I was barely able to walk prior to my surgery, and was in constant pain! I now have NO pain, and can walk anywhere I want to go! I was able to go 10 minutes on an eliptical machine yesterday with no pain or swelling afterwards! ... (544 replies)
... Flex at 90 degrees after 5 weeks is about average. I had my TKR 3 months ago and am now at 118 degrees and go to PT 3 times a week. ... (544 replies)
... l have pain, although it is more discomfort these days compared with the early stages, but find I am able to do things I have been able to do for years with ease and realising just how much I was avoiding activities because they were too hard. The important thing, I feel, is to do the therapy as it gets easier every day. ... (544 replies)
... feels like it is ripping, just like before the replacement. Bleh. I keep planning for biking and hiking next summer, and skiing next winter, and today I got pretty bummed out thinking I wasn't going to be able to do any of it, like the whole surgery and recovery were for nothing. ... (33 replies)
... I had a bilateral 6 weeks ago. I am experiencing many of the same problems. The pain is different than before the surgery but, it is just as debilitating. I am forcing myself to exercise and walk, walk, walk. ... (7 replies)
... I am almost nine weeks out and can tell those who have had surgery more recent, the back pain is excruciating. But fear not, this too will pass. ... (371 replies)
... Pt therapy depends on the doctor and insurance company. My insurance would on pay for 12 weeks..this doesn't count home pt. I chose not to go with pt therapy after home therapy. ... (544 replies)
... Hey, everybody! I'm 8 hours out of surgery and feeling okay! I'm in the cpm machine, have the compression things merrily inflating along on my other leg. ... (544 replies)

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