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... Unfortunalty, what you are experienceing is par for the course. I am only 3 months oout from the surgery so I can remember all the pain yet. You probably have the blood in the urine from the catheter, the infection could also be a result of the same. ... (371 replies)
... heard all this clicking or crunching.. and I thought was the heck is that so I did a few exercises, bending and straightening it out.. and poof it was gone.. and knee felt fine.. think it has alot to do with scar tissue.. that's why it's important to keep it moving. ... (371 replies)
... WOW guess I'm not that far off... but I do know I need to get more serious about exercising and I don't mind the bike at all. My quads in my surgery leg was so weak prior to surgery it has taken longer for them to come back. I need to start doing my leg lifts which I hate.. ... (371 replies)

... doing physio so I would be pain free almost, he also said that if your body is almost pain free it will also heal alot faster, I also told God the day before my surgery that I was leaving everything in His hands since He is the great physician and that no matter the outcome I tottaly trusted Him, so I also was worry free. ... (371 replies)
... my surgery was oct 14, when I stopped PT at end of december I was 131, that is the max, I can go back to work if I can find work, was laid off job 10 months ago, pain for me is my back, the surgery really messed with my back, in 96 had a rear end drunk hit and run, damage my L5, worked my butt off for two years to get back into shape and get the pain to go away, now it is back... (371 replies)
... The shopping thing I accomplished within 3 days of returning home after the surgery. My husband goes to the supermarket every day to get his paper and a donut. I didn't have any problem getting in and out of the car, so I had him let me off at the front door of the market...and I just plopped my butt down on one of those electric carts and swish..... I was off to do my own... (544 replies)
... Thank You for your post. It is good to hear about another positive recovery. :) I hope you continue to improve and do well in your recovery. (544 replies)
... Sister Margaret Mary, a Sister of Charity nun, had the surgery 5 years ago at age 85 and so I talked to her also. ... (544 replies)
... I'm 72 and my surgery was Aug. 4th. I got home on the 8th and since I don't have a laptop, I found that I was able to sit at my desk with reasonable comfort almost right away. ... (544 replies)
... kneed. I didn't want that to happen as I would think the recovery would be longer. It all comes down to 'quality of life'. ... (544 replies)
... read all the posts and get some idea of where I stand in this recovery period from KRS. Is that the correct term? ... (544 replies)
... I like the concept " work hardening". I too have to push myself to do things after surgery. To tell the truth, I have had major surgery in the past, but never like this in recovery. My biggest challenge right now is sitting down in chairs at restaurants..I am tall. ... (544 replies)
... also am unable to get comfortable. I admit it is better than when I first got home, however, I move from position to position just tring to find a place that my knee "likes"! ... (544 replies)
... Where are you from fantail? I have a garden also and it sure got weedy after my TKR in August. ...not much I can do about now though because it's fall here and then that dreaded word (snow) :eek: will be on it's way. I'm having lots of stiffness and some pain today, I did exercise a bit by bending it what I could, still needs lots of work. I look forward to the day I can... (544 replies)
... I am SO happy with what I can now do that I was unable to do before my surgery. Every day post surgery I set myself a small goal e.g. ... (544 replies)
... moved forward. Either way it will still be hard work and there will be some pain and having had three TKRs I can tell you it is much more fun to go through the recovery slow and steady. ... (544 replies)
... I am a 62 year old male and had TKR on the left knee on August 14th. Surgery will kick your butt, however, progress happens quickly. On the day after surgery I was walking about 50 yards with a walker. ... (544 replies)
... Every knee is different and every circumstance. ... (544 replies)
... My Bilateral TKR was done on May 13, 2009. I had two surgeons, one for each knee. My recovery has been going well, but I have now developed a sharp pain in my right knee when I bend it to take a step. ... (544 replies)
... dad had his knee done at age 87. ... (544 replies)

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