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Jul 1, 2009
... My knee hurts whenever i try to bend it straight its been like this for like two month i dint really think it was bad at first but i been walking with my knee bent because it seems not to hurt bent but when i try to walk straight it hurts and im a basketball player what could be the problem? ... (1 replies)
... I'm a 41 year old female, average weight. Lately I've been having problems with my knee and I thought maybe someone here could help me figure out what to do. ... (8 replies)
... On Wednesday the 4th, I had surgery to remove an osteochondroma on my femur above my knee. ... (1 replies)

... when my knee is bent and I try to straighten it, there is always popping and crunching noises on the outside if my kneecap. If its bent, sometimes I'll feel a instant lock, where i feel like everything is just stuck together. ... (4 replies)
Knee Issue
Jul 10, 2009
... Yesterday afternoon I got out of the car and noticed that my right knee felt like it was slipping out of the joint. Felt a bit stiff as well. When I bend it it hurts in the front, and here is the strange thing. It is swollen in the back, but no discoloration, and no pain when I push down on the swelling. ... (0 replies)
... I am 3 months post op and you would think things would be better. I have no signs of infection redness etc, my only symptom some fluid popping when I bend it. During the day I do my therapy but somedays like today it just flat out hurts. ... (4 replies)
Knee Pain?
Oct 7, 2013
... I have been experiencing knee pain lately that is fairly inconsistent and hard to explain. About 5 months ago I fell with all of my weight on my right knee cap during an athletic event on a turf field. ... (1 replies)
... Fell off a horse. Knee went over the top fence board, and hung from rail. Swelling around knee, a locking feeling in knee cap and pain with activity. Over time pain increased along with swelling and frequency of pain. ... (2 replies)
... Started having issues with what I thought was my left knee. felt a stiffness in it only when I tried to do a 90 Degree bend or try to squat down. No pain as I walk around etc. the stiffness increases the more I try to bend it. I also have a hard time lifting my leg from a sitting position. ... (9 replies)
... I play Ice hockey and last year during practice, I went down for a butter fly. While going down, my left knee popped. While Trying to get back up, my left knee really really really really hurt and starting acing. I went home and iced my knee. ... (0 replies)
Knee Pain
May 3, 2012
... Hey, about a week ago I tripped and fell at work and landed directly on my right knee. ... (1 replies)
... i was at a basketball workout and i hurt my knee now like when i bend my knee it is very very very tight and when i jog my knee is popping and it hurts really bad to walk or move my leg and it isn't the knee cap that hurts it is the inside that hurts it is a very sharp pain please help me thanks!!!! ... (0 replies)
Right Knee Pain
Jul 10, 2013
... weeks ago, my alarm went off and I rushed out of bed. I think I rushed to fast and my brain didn't register walking and I fell straight down. Ever since I had some bad knee pain. Whenever I bend down to pick up something and get back up it really hurts and I start to have a bad limp. ... (1 replies)
... In October, I started having severe knee pain in both knees. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone I really appreciate if anyone could tell me if they have had these knee symptoms or someone else and could help me figure out what I could be possibly dealing with here big thanks to anyone that can help me. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all, Im a 27 year old female. Was born knock kneed and it never went away. When I stand with my knees together my feet are about 5 inches apart or more. I never really related the two because I thought I had knee pain due to being overweight. ... (1 replies)
... your surgery. I am so glad to have read your post because I'm on a waiting list to have my knee replaced and I'm scared. Your post is most comforting!!! ... (11 replies)
... A week ago, Saturday, I was playing ultimate Frisbee. I fell on my right knee, and felt the knee cap wiggle some. ... (0 replies)
... I'm not even sure what it is anymore, I stopped guessing. ... (4 replies)
Knee pain
May 14, 2018
... So im 17, play outdoor basketball and work out at least 2 times every week. I started having left knee pain when i was about 16, but i didnt really pay attention to it, did sports with my elastic band on and it felt OK. ... (0 replies)

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