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... health has always been of top priority in my life and I want to learn more. ... (1 replies)
Now What?
Apr 26, 2008
... See ive had pain at the back of my knee FOR A WHILE thats where it all ways and its swollen at the back and i have fluid in my knee joint but apperently its not caused from my knee cap problem. ... (5 replies)
Feb 23, 2008
... No that doesnt move. Its the exact same on both my knees, nothing really abnormal. but i guess, the whole run down of everything migh kinda help i guess! ... (115 replies)

... Glad to hear you cut back on your exercise routine for now. And, yes, you still possibly may have torn either the meniscus or the ACL in the knee if it's still popping and clicking. I'm not sure what effect your heavy duty leg press routine for your quads has on the knee issue. ... (4 replies)
... up after spending the whole day in a freezer. My left knee did something, like a little pop or twinge of pain. It wasn't much. I knew it was bad but it didn't seem that bad. ... (4 replies)
... Chilly, I'm glad you're recovering nicely from your surgery. I had my 4th menisectomy surgery last Sept. I have had 3 others on my left knee. ... (35 replies)
... biked in over a week. As I said before I've been doing lots of stretching for both the hams and quads. Also been using the foam roller on my it band and hamstring which I injured 2 summers ago. Things have been feeling pretty good. Did some Heavy leg press on Tuesday. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, i just turned 16 years old and i am a male. Just randomly one day i sat down and my knee just locked up. I had to straighten it my self with lots of force and yes it did hurt like hell. once straightend it made a popping noise and was soar for about 3 weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Have a seat, feet on the floor and dig your heel into the carpet. Now feel the outer back of your knee and here is a tendon, the hamstring muscle, biceps femoris. ... (1 replies)
... Two mounts ago I had a partial knee repacement done on my left knee. I am doing great with that no problems. However would like to know if taking glucosaine for the right knee would bother the new joint. ... (0 replies)
... Your husband is in a sticky spot. That is alot to happen to his knee in just 3 years. We do have many similarities. I am much older so the decision was a little easier for me to get a TKR. ... (7 replies)
... I had a TKR six months ago and i am 11 weeks pregnant now. For the past two months my knee has started bothering me during sleeping while tossing and turning in my sleep. The joint feels a little looser and pops when turning onto my side. ... (1 replies)
Knee question
May 8, 2015
... orthopedic doctor,not doing mechanic work any more,been some years since kneeling on cement all day,sure damage was done before I stopped.My hobby has me wearing knee pads and I do try to take it easy but boy the old knee cap pops and other can hear and hurts on most times it pop or snaps I guess you could say also.Im bad... ... (2 replies)
Apr 20, 2011
... You say "I now have numbness in my toes and the sole of my foot and down the outside of my shin". That should not be coming from any knee injury. ... (2 replies)
... and then pops back to normal on extension. ... (4 replies)
Uncomfortable Knee
Jul 26, 2006
... I have been feeling pain on my right knee for a couple of months. Recently I took MRI and have found a tear involving the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. ... (5 replies)
... so its been almost a year since my 2nd knee surgery, with all the PT and pain meds, and shots, my knee is somewhat better, but still pops and swells and hurts on and off, I am learning how to live with it... ... (40 replies)
MCL dislocation?
Nov 12, 2010
... I've searched the internet to find information on a problem I'm having with my MCL. Basically if I go from an indian style sitting position, my MCL pops out of it's groove and is excrutiatingly painful like a tight rubber band and my knee is stuck at about 30 degrees. ... (0 replies)
... im also facing basically the same kind of things with my knee although i dont no whats wrong with it but it tends to have a burning sensation, and it pops, and its swollen behind my knee, tends to give out and what not. ... (3 replies)
Knee Dislocations
Apr 22, 2007
... I first dislocated my left knee in 2003. Since then, I have dislocated it five or six times. In some cases it was only a subluxation, but it is still of course an inconvenience. ... (0 replies)

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