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... I was 30 lbs. overweight due to inactivity from the knees. I can now ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and have lost 20 lbs since my surgery Dec 1st. ... (371 replies)
... leave, so that isn't an issue. I've sort of reached the place where I am afraid I am never going to get better. I try to do a lot of exercises, every day. My knee is so stiff, so hard, so swollen, and from time to time, so painful. I am kind of in shock. I try not to get too depressed. ... (371 replies)
... ought about all the daily walking that I have been doing for years being something to help me be in good shape. I have to use the rolling brief case just to get from my car to the courtrooms. We have an oddly set up courtroom situation. ... (371 replies)

... I was released on the 1st at my 90 day anniversary. I was told by doc that even if I had my teeth cleaned I had to take antibiotics. I would still like to hear from you guys. ... (371 replies)
... God I wish! I haven't had a good nights sleep since Nov. 17th surgery. I toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position. I am using a Slumber Jack (backpacking pillow I had from my camping). It makes it easier to turn all night instead of using a reg. sized pillow. Seeing another orthopedic today for a second opinion on the severe pain in the outside part... (371 replies)
... Okay is always so great to read your posts and I always gain some insight. I am almost 8 weeks out from my surgery and am doing reasonably well I think. It seems to me like my biggest problem is the swelling. ... (371 replies)
... I am almost nine weeks out and can tell those who have had surgery more recent, the back pain is excruciating. But fear not, this too will pass. The real pain I have at this point is just above the kneecap and the right side of the knee. It swells and has fluid most every afternoon. I sleep with my ice machine going. I wake up about 2 times each night for about an hour and... (371 replies)
... and not perfect in straightening. I'll maybe find numbers for sure at the doc. next week. Thanks for all the honesty and info. from this site! ... (371 replies)
... but my extension is 0. He was very happy about the extension. My flexion has been very slow coming from the start, and I get it in very little increments. But it has continued to improve little by little so he said to just keep stretching it. ... (371 replies)
... My staples were out in 2 weeks and although red it had closed properly. I used the Arnica Montana and it looks pretty good today. What are the Ted hose? I was not told about them. Will the advil also help with the fluid? Linda (371 replies)
... The back and hip pain that someone mentioned, my therapist has told me comes from not walking quite correctly yet. Maybe they can give you some suggestions. ... (371 replies)
... k with them. My original complaint of the bone on bone pain is gone, just like that. I talked to a lot of patients in the hospital at the PT area and all first knee patients were hurting and seemed to think things would magically go away. ... (371 replies)
... r doctor send you back to PT to have them help you. Leg raises, bending, using weights,etc. all help. The trauma to your bones and your quad muscles is intense from the surgery. ... (544 replies)
... skid mat. The rear leg of her walker caught the edge of the mat and down she went!! She said she somehow protected her operative knee as she went down and the Doctor rushed to her immediately. She was fine, but a bit shaken. ... (544 replies)
... I'm not getting any responses by starting a new thread with the following questions so here I am hoping to receive some thoughts and suggestions. HOW LONG DO WE NEED TO GO TO PT AFTER TKR??? My surgery was on Aug. 17th. My PT is very simple and I don't feel that there is anything I am doing at PT that I can't accomplish at home with 3 and 5 lb ankle weights which I... (544 replies)
... I love my grab that's what you call it. I move it out alittle way from the mattress to make up the bed. ... (544 replies)
... Hey girlfriend, good to hear from you... you have been on my mind all day. Sounds like you are doing great. I had a private room too when I had my surgery. Has PT come in yet to see you? ... (544 replies)
... I am many pounds overweight too, due to the fact that I was unable to exercise because my knee hurt! ... (544 replies)
... Over the weekend, my knee kept buckling under me almost every time I stepped on it, so I got my cane out for support. It was very annoying. ... (544 replies)
... I put the ice machine on every night and elevate when I can. It's the PT that is very discouraging because they seem to expect so much more from me than I can give. It is like my knee just stops at a certain point and no amount of pushing is going to get it past that point. It is very frustraiting! ... (544 replies)

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