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... ised how much less pain I have except when trying to bend it further. I take a few tylenol at night to sleep except for days I have PT and then its a swollen hot knee from hell. Ice and drugs help me to sleep but like you it takes awhile for it to settle down. ... (371 replies)
... e. I would then go to the stair case, and walk up and down the first step like I used to do in step classes. I can't help but think the clicking, which I have from time to time, is scar tissue. ... (371 replies)
... d.. this one.. when I got there she said ride the bike for 10 mins. then she would give me some papers with the same exercises that they gave me when I came home from the hospital.. I would do those on my own.. she never even came in the room to see what I was doing.. ... (371 replies)

... op. I had a PT come to my house for 2 weeks after being released from the hospital. She finally told me that I would probably do well by myself since I have been active all my life. ... (371 replies)
... I totally agree that this board is so encouraging! It has been such a boost for me! I have felt so discouraged most of the time because my knee just doesn't "want" to bend, but after listening to others going through the same thing I don't feel like such a failure! ... (544 replies)
... Hey girlfriend, stop and take a deep breath and RELAX! You must have surgery on your knee or face further damage to the knee. Its ok to be scared before surgery. I am a retired nurse and have had several major surgeries in my lifetime and was scared.. ... (544 replies)
... op from my left TKR and making great progress. ... (544 replies)
... at least one every day. Getting off your knee every couple of hours and putting it above your heart and icing it will help to reduce the swelling and allow you to recover range of motion more quickly. ... (544 replies)
... My Bilateral TKR was done on May 13, 2009. I had two surgeons, one for each knee. My recovery has been going well, but I have now developed a sharp pain in my right knee when I bend it to take a step. ... (544 replies)
... I think you will be amazed at the increased range of motion, following your surgery, but it will take time. As I posted, previously, I thought my recovery was slow, as did the therapists. But, the surgeon's schedule for expected range of motion was much more conservative. ... (544 replies)
... ery the doc does. Most now use a smaller incision and pin the patella out of the way. the older surgeries they had to cut through everything and that slowed down recovery big time. Sometimes the docs still have to do that if the arthritis is extensive and it takes a lot to get it cleaned up. ... (1 replies)
... Due to the fact my knee was in really bad shape and deformed before surgery and will take longer to recover.... ... (6 replies)
... no So at 34 I had my first Arthroscopic on my left knee for a torn medial meniscis so the story goes at 40 a total knee on my lt knee worst year of my life! If you would of ask me then if I suggest to have it I would of said no! ... (25 replies)
... You guys are incredible. I had arthroscopy surgery on my left knee in November and the TKR on the right in February. Both knees are week but I am back doing almost as much as I did before the surgeries. ... (371 replies)
... have absolutely no idea how much I enjoy your posts and how much I learn from them....I am at 12weeks and am finally beginning to feel like a human being again. I am still taking vicadons but less of them... ... (371 replies)
... and now I'm sorry I did. It's hard to build up muscles that were lax to begin with. I have done my right knee....the left knee is next. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have even "mentioned" the other needy knee. ... (544 replies)
... I should research to see when this knee swelling should go down. The lower leg is much better, but it feels like a knot around the knee when I bend it. In the hospital, the lower leg was both grossly swollen, and tender to touch, but a doppler showed no clots. ... (544 replies)
... I still remember the excitement when I managed to go full circle on my cycle, first when going backwards and then the big one - forwards!!! It was such a big thing and every time I get on my bike I can still feel in awe of what my new knee lets me do - keep up the good work! I have lain on my operated side from very early on - tried even in hospital and half managed it.... (544 replies)
... read all the posts and get some idea of where I stand in this recovery period from KRS. Is that the correct term? ... (544 replies)
... atient with high blood pressure. It's also very embarrassing to begin to cry in front of about 20 other people in the room who are getting their own PT treatment from other PTs. ... (544 replies)

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