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... keep the swelling down, swelling always equals pain so that may help with the pain. For my second TKR I wore this sleeve for about 5 months literally every day from morning to night. ... (544 replies)
... The shopping thing I accomplished within 3 days of returning home after the surgery. My husband goes to the supermarket every day to get his paper and a donut. I didn't have any problem getting in and out of the car, so I had him let me off at the front door of the market...and I just plopped my butt down on one of those electric carts and swish..... I was off to do my own... (544 replies)
... have a new journey in your life. It's awesome for day by day progress. At first, i was like...that ain't no way I'm going to get to where this one is or bend my knee like that person, we all have said, we all make our own progress at our own pace. Keep at it, even though it hurts, it does get better. ... (544 replies)

... The knee you can't bend you just kind of adjust it. I'm at 10 weeks post op now and had and still have trouble with bouts of depression. ... (544 replies)
... I do think that knee replacements are harder to recover from than the hip replacements. I sure hope I never have to have a knee replaced! Hope that new knee of yours starts giving you less pain when sitting down. Ouch. ... (544 replies)
... Where are you from fantail? ... (544 replies)
... I had that impromtu visit with my surgeon yesterday to check a rash around the incision and God Bless him - he brought me out of the doldrums (at least for the time being). He reassured me I was doing just fine; he tested the flexion at about 95 degrees and he said for 6-weeks that's okay - I was to relax and do the exercises at home that worked best for me; that instilled... (544 replies)
... me for 10 days. My second TKR I was terrified but happy to find that in the 3 year interval, my doctor founded a joint center at the hospital dedicated to joint replacement only. I went for a visit and met patients on day 1 post op just walking around, doing PT and not in intense pain so I was okay with going forward. ... (544 replies)
... Yesterday I felt like I did when I first came home from the hospital...miserable!!! lol If I knew before surgery what I know now....I would have put it off. ... (544 replies)
... When you are swollen and in lots of pain, first, make sure you are icing at least 6 times a day. Lay on a sofa or bed and build up pillows so your knee is above your heart. ... (544 replies)
... Every knee is different and every circumstance. ... (544 replies)
... Are you using a NuStep and Total Gym to work on your flex? ... (544 replies)
... I had my knee replaced a year ago June 30th. Prior to surgery, I was offered general anesthesia or a spinal. I chose the general, plus a femoral block. ... (544 replies)
... dad had his knee done at age 87. ... (544 replies)
... I have developed a scaly patch on my knee.. it is just below the knee cap and to the right side of the scar. ... (371 replies)
... the ROM is improving and I can do all sorts of things that I haven't done in years. Yesterday, I got in a lounge chair we have that I hadn't been able to get up from for at least 3 years. So things are improving! I keep hearing that 3 months post op is a major time for improvement. Hope so... ... (371 replies)
... my surgery was oct 14, when I stopped PT at end of december I was 131, that is the max, I can go back to work if I can find work, was laid off job 10 months ago, pain for me is my back, the surgery really messed with my back, in 96 had a rear end drunk hit and run, damage my L5, worked my butt off for two years to get back into shape and get the pain to go away, now it is back... (371 replies)
... Sure, it was difficult at first, and even after the immediate surgery and the PT, it was difficult with the back pain and with my shoulders from lifting myself up from low positions. Also the extreme tiredness. But over the weeks, everything came together. ... (371 replies)
... I guess I am QUITE a bit surprised that recovery is a MANY months process. I didn't think it would take so long. ... (544 replies)
... ast the point of pain until there are tears. I was sooooo upset that happened to me and that's the main reason why I quit home therapy...I just couldn't stand my knee bent right up close to my leg.... ... (544 replies)

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