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... ivites and discover what works for you to accomodate your new hip. Before the replacement, I had become so limited in my activites because of the awful, grinding hip pain that got so bad I was limping. ... (607 replies)
... and from the sound of them, glad I didn't. Years ago my sister used crutches after a hip replacment and they gave her a lot of strain on her underarms and back. I think a walker would have worked better for her, too. I love my walker! ... (6 replies)
... Hi, Chatting with the two of you brings back memories of my first year after surgery. ... (607 replies)

... tely would not wait if you're in that much pain. Greg and Karen said, find a "temporary" solution to the pain until you can make arrangements for that hip replacement. I'm 55 and walked around for years with pain in the thigh and groin. I thought I pulled a muscle! It was the hip. ... (607 replies)
... My mother had a fall and broke her hip and had a partial hip replacement. ... (3 replies)
... This was the only medication that really took care of my stiffness and pain. I guess I'll have to call today and get a replacement drug. My friend takes Mobic and swears by it. She also said it goes to work "quicker" than most do. What do you guys take if anything for stiffness or aches? ... (607 replies)
... Welcome to this wonderful board. I don't remember being shaky and stiff two months after my right hip replacement, but I do know that the more walking you do with your new hip, the better. ... (9 replies)
... lot although I don't use the walker or cane anymore unless I am ill. Had the "stiffness" problem prior to surgery for a few years. Also had severe muscle spasms after surgery that only stopped long enough to let me sleep if I took Zanax about three times a night. ... (6 replies)
... Her Dr's have advised us that she is not out of the woods yet, they want to extend antibiotics to 8 weeks, and worst case scenario would be removing the hip and trying to put in a new after infection clears up, and it could be 6 months ? ... (0 replies)
... I'm glad you're not as sore. You definately over did it kiddo. With regards to your comment about "hurting after sitting a long time and taking the first few steps"....that still happens to me sometimes. Not all the time and it's been less and less. ... (607 replies)
... Wow, that young and hip replacements? ... (3 replies)
... Right hip was done first and went pretty well. ... (607 replies)
... Don't know if I would use the same OS although the hip healed quickly with no problems and that is good. ... (5 replies)
... his site and new to my hip. I am at 5 weeks and was looking for some answers regarding what I perceive to be lingering soreness. I am especially sore and stiff after sitting at my computer or after sitting to drive. I feel the best in the water and am back to my regular swimming routine....just not up to my normal speed. ... (3 replies)
... esh from THR and some people take longer than others to get back to "normal." Before THR the body was compensating for the pain and discomfort of the bad hip, so after THR the body literally has to retrain itself. For some people this is very quick with no complications. ... (78 replies)
... I also had lost a lot of weight to try to help my hip and since the surgery I have put back on 12 pounds and am feeling like I can't get it back off unless I do all the exercise I did before the surgery. ... (607 replies)
... nior citizen!! When you are a few more years down the road, I think you will all be amazed at how much better and normal you will feel. As I have said before, my hip feels like it is a part of me. There still is stiffness and some discomfort here and there, but really no more than everything else that goes on with our bodies. ... (607 replies)
... I also feel the stiffness when sitting for awhile. I am looking forward to going to Europe but that long plane ride will be a killer. I will have to keep standing up.. ... (607 replies)
... m glad you had a nice Christmas. Our's was great. We were in Manhattan yesterday, early, and suddenly I realized how well and fast I was walking!! I have some stiffness because the weather here has been so damp. But other than that the new hip is holding it's own and the other one, well lets just say it's "ok" for now. ... (607 replies)
... Can't answer your question about "improvements" since I had no problems before my dog knocked me down and my hip was broken. Now, it seems like I have all kinds of aches and pains! ... (607 replies)

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