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TKR surgery
Sep 8, 2014
... Thank you so much for your feedback which encourages me to have my TKR surgery when I'm contacted next time. I've rescheduled because I'm dealing with getting things done before surgery i.e. ... (11 replies)
May 28, 2010
... I am glad that you had such a good TKR surgery, recovery, and rehab experience, and wish you the same good experiences with your next one. ... (519 replies)
... time post surgery so that the prosthetic knee doesn't LOCK UP in the bent position. ... (4 replies)

... stumbling issues since the left TKR six weeks ago. It may be possibly because now both legs are "even" with the prosthetic knees in there so that neither leg is longer than the other. ... (31 replies)
... the eternal optimist however that has been modified somewhat after my last TKR surgery. ... (2 replies)
... A friend of mine in Virginia had TKR surgery the same day that I had it in FL. When they remodeled they had the comfort height comodes put in and she says that they are great during recovery. ... (17 replies)
Jan 26, 2010
... A friend of mine in Virginia had TKR surgery the same day that I had it in FL. When they remodeled they had the comfort height comodes put in and she says that they are great during recovery. ... (519 replies)
Jun 30, 2012
... If you're not already doing so, you should ask your Orthopedic surgeon who will be doing your TKR to send you to physical therapy for the next few weeks to strengthen the muscles in the knee. ... (32 replies)
... I'm glad my little pep talk helped you to better understand that what all of you who've had recent TKR surgery, are experiencing as far as pain, is completely NORMAL this early in the recovery process. ... (10 replies)
... Hey I know what your on about. I'm one week past TKR surgery and I am not regretting the decision. Build up the muscle in the joint as much as you can going in to it, so you can build on the muscle left after surgery. ... (31 replies)
... You don't want to have to be going back into surgery within the next 2 to 3 years because a partial replacement WASN'T SUFFICIENT to solve your problem for good! ... (31 replies)
... Whenever I talk to others in this area who have had TKR surgery, regardless of the hospital, they all have used the polar ice machine after surgery and had it come home with them for keeps. I'm thinking it's pretty standard issue... ... (52 replies)
... just passed 16 weeks tell your PT you have to have the CPM, that was a life saver for me, will be at least a month to drive when u go to the outside PT, mucho ice cant use too much far more pain than I thought it would be, Keniso tape will help with the swelling to reduce it, my insurance would not pay for it, so I did and the PT put it on, it works wonders with the... (371 replies)
... Had TKR surgery Jan 20th. Going on Day 17. Started PT on Day5. Had to upgrade to Percoset as Norco wasn't nearly cutting it. The recovery is incredibly painful!!! I don't sleep, even when I take Ambien. I do Percoset every 4 hours on the dot to manage the pain. ... (371 replies)
... I hope my GP has treated other patients who have had TKR surgery, I will call him in the morning. This is supposed to be a Pain Managed recovery. Taking the meds an hour before exercising. ... (5 replies)
... y reading all the posts since I last posted. I am getting the impression from your posts that constant inflamation is not unique to my knee. I am 4 months post TKR now, and I have'nt lost ALL inflamation at any point in my recovery. ... (30 replies)
... hat counts is function, and not being completely undone by chronic pain. Glad to hear of your progress, although I sympathize with your frustration with the 2nd tkr recovery being less satisfactory. No fair! ... (30 replies)
May 31, 2010
... Maybe I shouldn't have the grand illusion that my left surgery will go as smoothly as my right did, but I do! ... (519 replies)
... Hi guys, just thought I would put in my two cents worth here. I am the same way as you guys are, concerned about the numbers. Not to say they aren't important, they definately are. But I think what's more important is your quality of life. Can you do things better that you could before TKR? Does taking that step hurt as much as it did before? I had a tendency to compare my... (30 replies)

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