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... (32 replies)
... This thread has been very interesting to read, I am BRAND NEW to hip problems. ... (32 replies)
... Hi i'm new here i have osteoarthitis in the hips (mild) i started to get pain in the groin for a while in both legs. and also get pain when i walk i found out i had high instep in my right foot so i wear WALK FIT ORTHOTICS reduces pain and pressure and supports body. weather or not that started it i don't know. when i had pain in the groin somedays i could'nt walk... (7 replies)

... i am going thru the same thing as you and cant find a diagnose either. please reply back after your appt and let us know what the doc thinks. good luck mike (7 replies)
... rted oxycodone. I can't find relief from anything. I have an SI belt, TENS unit, and other things to try to help...nothing works. My PT discovered I have very uneven leg length and uneven and weak hip flexors. When she stretched me my legs were abnormally bendable and would pop near my hips. ... (7 replies)
... uneven length legs what problems to expect I have extreme pain in my left hip and told I have bursitis in my hip and left shoulder(other problem) pain goes down outside of my leg to my toes. the difference is judt over an inch Is there an answer (1 replies)
... My hip surgeon did that for my brother in law, who thought he needed a hip replacement, but the surgeon said "just get a lift" and that solved the problem. ... (2 replies)
Hip replacement
Dec 25, 2006
... a wheelchair till my legs could support my weight again and finally I was fitted with a pair of orthopaedic boots with an articulated bar between the ankles with uneven soles until I was 7 yrs old. I have poor range of motion and rotation in the left leg, and it is shorter and weaker than the right leg. ... (7 replies)
... and an uneven or imbalance in my hips.. ... (607 replies)
... Hi, your legs are most likely uneven at this point until you get the other side done. A PT could tell you this or your dr. Should have. You need to be measured so you can wear a corrective shoe. ... (7 replies)
... I had both hip joints replaced in '08. ... (2 replies)
... I am like you and started having exruciating hip pain at 17. It's 6 years later and there are finally some answers. ... (2 replies)
... leaning to one side. my left shoulder is also lower than my right. basically i feel crooked. the pain isn't unbearable but i'm wondering if the problems is my hip or my knee and if my unevenness is caused by this. ... (0 replies)
... even though I landed on my right hip no was harm done, I was just bruised. It scared me more than anything, but I was able to put weight on it and walk as usual after getting over the shock. ... (607 replies)
... great news from you too!!! I hope my new hip will be kind to me also. ... (607 replies)
... sore spot on the side of my head. It wasn't a large store and everyone clustered around me to help me up, but I told them to wait a moment and let me see if my hip felt OK. When I was sure it didn't hurt, they got me up, took me into the bathroom and cleaned me up. Then they made out an accident report. ... (607 replies)
... Hi, I never limped after the surgery and my legs were perfectly even in length. I know some people end up with uneven leg length and that can cause problems. I was fitted with the second smallest sized implant and the fit was perfect. Everything for me looks totally normal. ... (607 replies)
... Dear laceygirl, From my many orthopedic issues (I was hit by a truck years ago and lost bone length and now have uneven leg joints, plus one leg is shorter than the other), I am fairly certain that you need to regularly do stretches. If you have medical coverage you can request physical therapy to be taught how to properly stretch. Or you can call local gyms and ask if they... (8 replies)
... Thanks, that gives me some comfort after being such a mystery case for 5 years. The x-ray was difficult for the technician to get because my hips are so uneven. I had no idea! I look forward to seeing my orthopedic surgeon. (32 replies)
... I wish someone could help me out. Could uneven leg length be causing my pain. Anyone know? ... (12 replies)

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