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... So i already have a weak knee before this but this time i was unloading truck and so i needed to put my weight on my knee and step up to the back of the truck. It didn't really hurt at the time. ... (0 replies)
... I think there are three main causes of the sensation of an unstable or weak knee. One is that you have an internal derangement, common as you age. ... (5 replies)
... I am unsure if the posts above really address the question of the original poster who might be asking about unusually weak quad strength. ... (4 replies)

... Please dont see any more till you have had some treatment. So we know your knee is fine, no loose body, ligaments are good, what you do have are weak muscles. So why do you have weak muscles, from your spine at L3 level or about or is it because of the numerous surgeries and the original condition. ... (5 replies)
Weak legs
Dec 18, 2006
... My 74 year old grandfather had a knee operation last year because there was a popiteal cyst in the bone. He went to physical therapy after the surgery, and then stopped after 6 weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Following that, i noticed my knee started to get progressively more painful when NOT playing, some examples are if i sit indian style and get up, the left knee hurts and maybe more importantly feels stiff. Once i stretch and warm up it feels better, but not gone. ... (14 replies)
... Hello, I played tennis a couple of months ago and my knees felt great. The next day my knee felt weak and it felt like a muscle or tendon? ... (0 replies)
... e something to my knee, it all started around 17th May when I fell over in a nightclub. I am 24 years old, never really had any medical issues with regards to my knee before. Anyway I will go through it all by day just to make it a little clearer. ... (2 replies)
... Next day extreme pain in leg. Saw 2 Orthopedic surgeons diagnosed as a knee meniscus maybe 2 months to get better. ... (0 replies)
... my gut instinct was to use my hand to slam the side of my knee cap back into place. After this happened several times, my mother took me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. He told her that the only fix was surgery. ... (9 replies)
... I lost about 20 lbs. during the recovery period after knee replacement, too. It did make me very weak. The other thing that seemed to increase my weakness was the amount of pain I was having during therapy. ... (11 replies)
... He only used a small hole on the inside and outside of each knee. It turned out the RIGHT knee was the worst. ... (11 replies)
... Recently I twisted my knee while lying down and massaging my calves on a foam roller. I put all my weight on one calf and turned it with my knee bent to massage the side of my calf, upon turning I felt a weird sensation and the joint seemed to be unstable the next day. ... (1 replies)
... I have had a knee replacement 2 years ago and still walk with a limp due to weak quads and hamstrings. Hamstrings are just as important to maintain. Unfortunately, my quads weakened as I was waiting quite a while for my knee replacement. ... (4 replies)
... For about a month,my right leg felt weak,like it wouldn't hold me up,no pain,just very weak feeling.After about a month,the pains began,shooting pains from shin to hip,often debilatating. ... (1 replies)
... feel weak and the back of my knees feel very stiff and swollen all of the time. By evening I usually can not entirely bend or extend my left leg. ... (2 replies)
Weak knees
Dec 6, 2007
... My weak knees have been an issue since November 2006. ... (6 replies)
... manipulate my leg by bending it. The leg is so stiff it will not bend at all. The doctor visited me later after surgery to tell me the leg didn't bend, also the knee is too weak for a knee replacement. He gave me two options, either to amputate the leg at the knee or fuse the leg straight. ... (0 replies)
... the patient is a 29 year old male who has previously undergone arthroscopy for meniscal surgery in december 2009. he has medial knee pain and swelling. ... (9 replies)
... oth knees, its called subluxation of the knee. If not treated within a year subluxations will turn into constant dislocations, where you manually have to pop the knee back into place and it is very painful. Then soon after that walking will be near impossible. ... (4 replies)

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