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... i was hiking to some hot springs with my dad. Ive noticed it has always happened when im either going down something hills, stairs ect, or when i am walking, or running roughly at a steady pace not paying attention. ... (13 replies)
... Actually asking about surgery and if it is painful, what meds do they give for pain etc., is probably a bit premature. I would definitly continue to wear the brace you were given as it will help support your knee. ... (13 replies)
... I have had an issue with my left knee ever since I started playing basketball. I am know 33 and play pick up here and there. Last night my my knee seemed to "pop" out , but then right back in. It seemed to do it when I planted the knee and turned. It is the inner knee are. ... (13 replies)

... I play Ice hockey and last year during practice, I went down for a butter fly. While going down, my left knee popped. While Trying to get back up, my left knee really really really really hurt and starting acing. I went home and iced my knee. ... (0 replies)
... Having torn lots of cartilage in my day, I know what you mean about it seeming to pop out of alignment. When the meniscus is torn, it's like parking a car on a couple of rocks.You go to move and the car shift back or forward to get traction. ... (1 replies)
... Hi all! I'm new here, and so happy to have found this forum! ... (2 replies)
... up to the top of the knee. I had 18 months of radiation and chemotherapy. As a result my leg and knee didn't completely develop properly and is smaller and weaker than my other. ... (11 replies)
... months randomly, although sometimes my knee will ache before hand but I don't think much of it. What happens is that i will be either sitting up or lying on the floor or in my bed, I'll have my left knee bent somewhat the i go straighten it out, then BAM! ... (0 replies)
... yeah man i no how u feel it happens to me all the time, i got surgery on it and it hasnt happend for a year or so until today i started lifting with it and it just popped out, i dont really have any methods to help u except for to strenghten ur legs and dont do to much with your knee, but the same thing has been happening with my knees all my life, what it is is your ligaments... (13 replies)
... health has always been of top priority in my life and I want to learn more. ... (1 replies)
... i have something moving around in my knee also. i had just gotten out of bed and when i walked out of my bedroom, i heard to loud pops and my left knee hurt really bad for a few hours and now there is a lump beside my knee cap. the next day, there wasn't much pain, just alot of pressure where the lump is. ... (5 replies)
... When I was 13 years old, I was horsing around with a bunch of kids. I've always been overweight, so when I attempted to do a little flip on the grass, my right knee popped out. I assume because of my weight. ... (2 replies)
... of knee pain. Every time I go and up stairs my knee cracks and pops. ... (5 replies)
Now What?
Apr 26, 2008
... See ive had pain at the back of my knee FOR A WHILE thats where it all ways and its swollen at the back and i have fluid in my knee joint but apperently its not caused from my knee cap problem. ... (5 replies)
... Okay. To start off, I am only 19 years old and I already have knee problems in my right knee. I have been to the doctor at least three times with tendonitis, plus the times I didn't go to the doctor. And I have also had patellafemoral syndrome once. ... (1 replies)
... but id like some opinions before that, and please tell me if your a physician, licensed professional or just someone who wants to help me with their thoughts. ... (1 replies)
... up after spending the whole day in a freezer. My left knee did something, like a little pop or twinge of pain. It wasn't much. I knew it was bad but it didn't seem that bad. ... (4 replies)
... Well first off if your knee starts to get worse and worse i would make an appointment to try and see a orthopedic surgeon. Ive allowed my knee to get worse over the last 3 years. IM only 16 aswell. I have been told i have lateral patella tracking in both knees but worse in the left. ... (1 replies)
... Have a seat, feet on the floor and dig your heel into the carpet. Now feel the outer back of your knee and here is a tendon, the hamstring muscle, biceps femoris. ... (1 replies)
Chronic Knee Pain
May 20, 2012
... I have been having chronic knee pain for years now in both knees, and I have had 2 MRI's done on my knees. But they keep showing up as "nothing serious" as my doctor would say. ... (1 replies)

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