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Dear doctor,

I am in USA and I don't have Insurence and I am Male 29 came from traditional family and my marriage might happen any time in 1 year. So I don't want to share this with my parents or brother and give them heartaches. So sharing with professional doctors like you. yesterday on Saturday june-20-2015 around 5 evening I had sex with escort lady after drinking. I had sex for 2 min duration. After 1 min I checked condom that looked good but later after When I am cuming I noticed that condom got broken and I rushed and I removed my condom.i didn't cumm, in her Viginia, the lady took out my penis when I am cuming.thats how I noticed when sperm leaked from condom.i am not sure if I had sex with broken or not .but during sex in worst case I am assuming I had sex with broken condom for 15 -30 seconds at max. On the good side I also had a felling that when I am cuming lady gave hard stokes with her fingers and that's how condom broke.After I noticed I removed condom in 5 sec and I rushed to Restroom and poured the antibacterial hand wash liquid and
Cleaned my penis completely in next 15 seconds. I cleaned my penis couple of times with hot water and antibacterial . I tried to pour antibacterial in to my penis hole to kill any of her body fluids. I was in shock and my legs start to shiver. And I forcibly urinated with in 3-4 min after condom broke to get her fluids out if they are.. I didn't get much urine but hardly 8 tea spoons..I was in shock and I don't know what to me fool but I masturated one more time in next 5 min or so because I thought I didn't urinte much so if there is any infection or her fluids in my penis they will go out.lady Looks like in late 30's and she said she is clean and she didn't have any HIV or other decease.Trust me I begged her 10 times to tell truth and she said she didn't have any HIV or other STD.

I rushed to EMergency and I explained doctor and he gave me antibiotic injection and one time tablet . I have antibiotic injection and capsules with in 4 hours of condom broke..i know they are not for HIV.

I read in Google forums and came to know about nPEP . I read in forum that a guy with this same broken condom tragedy took nPEP for 30 days I requested doctor to write prescriptions and initially he said not to worry in this case and he said chances to get HIV is less and he said I don't need nPEP. He said they have many side effects.i showed these forums that I read i requested him couple of times saying i also need nPEP and I can bear side effects and later he wrote ISENTRESS 400 mg and TRUVADA 200 mg - 300 mg tablet ,ONDANSETRON HCL for 30 days. Doctor refered me to another local clinic doctor and said he will take care from there.Also he said I can start using ISENTRESS , TRUVADA after I consult local clinic persons on Monday .As its weekend I thought I can meet clinc people on Monday and start medicines . I waited for 24 hours after condom broke and these HIV thoughts are shattering me and I went CVS Phrmasy on this Sunday afternoon to check price as I don't have health Insurence and they said not to wait till Monday and they said to start using ISENTRESS , TRUVADA from next second.So I started to use above medicines from 26 th hour after condom I have couple of questions
Sry.. for too many question but please answer me please..

1) Can you please tell me what are the chances of getting HIV ? I am assuming I had 20 stokes or 15-20 seconds sex with broken this good enough to get HIV even I cleaned my penis with antibacterial within 20 seconds I noticed condom broke.

2) I cleaned my penis with antibacterial soap which was sitting in my car under snow and sun. Is this still powerful to kill these HIV GERMS

3)What if she really doesn't have HIV till her last check ,then what are chances for me getting HIV.

4) I had antibiotics within 4 hours of condom broke.And i started taking ISENTRESS and TRUVADA From 26 th hour.are these ISENTRESS 400 mg and TRUVADA 200 mg-300 mg are nPEP..?

Am I using correct medicines
Or do I need more ? Up to how much they will control from not getting HIV.

5) I will be meeting local clinc tomorrow on Monday ( by Monday 5:00 evening it will be 48 hours since condom broke) I guess this clinic is small not sure how throughly they will understand my do I need to give any suggestions to them in treating?

6) I will tell local clinc person that I am using ISENTRESS and TRUVADA. So for how long should I use them and at what frequency I need to have blood test..

and with this thoughts I am unable to focus on anything..god why did I go to her ... Please help me doctor please..I pray to lord that good should happen to you..


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