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Hi all
Here i am writing this with guilty and regrets. I had sex with a prostitute in Bali, she gave me an oral with the condom on, there were no lip kisses or salivary exchanges (she actually denied kissing me), i fingered her she did ***, there were not cuts on my fingers exposing it directly.Then we started having sex,I was totally drunk did not have a proper erection all the time, found condom was broken,when we changed position.i believe it was broken when i was inside her. i Had some pre *** i guess, then she ran into restroom to wash it off, and i did clean my genitals with soap and water, I did ask her about her health condition she denied having any disease, it was really hard to explain my question as she is not an english speaker. She even encouraged me for the second time, it was intense 3 min act we had no issues with condom but once we stopped i found a drop of blood on my condom, i asked her did she get her periods she said "i don't know", again i asked her should i go to hospital for check up, she said its up to you. Also she did not ask for any pills as i had some pre *** on broken condom. I did not *** during both acts, masturbated later. Finally when leaving i did ask her again and tried several times to get any answer but she always gave a "no" to me. Also i did ask her to take a shower before sex which i considered safe. (Did all possible safety procedures but yet my condom broke and ruined my whole vacation and put me in the worst situation in my life, )

Next day i went to a local hospital explained my situation but doctor denied PEP for HIV and said "its only given to some one who was raped or sex with HIV+". Instead i was administered with Ceftriaxone 20mg IM statim and Azithromycin 1000mg PO statim for pro STD post exposure prophylaxis.

So about her physical appearance, she was 25 years old, there were no rashes on her body except her pimples on cheeks, also her genitals did not have any rashes or fungal infections.

So when i came home from Bali i contacted sex health center and explained the whole situation. I was told that its very rare to get Hiv from such act, they also instructed me to do a test only after 4 weeks as i was given pro STD post exposure prophylaxis already.

But just like everyone i am having hard time in sleeping and I have stopped eating properly and not feeling hungry but today i found a weight loss of 1 kg since yesterday which makes me to worry even more.
I am really worried i can see it in my face, i have had not a min thinking about this. i did google a lot got scared even more. Planning to take a rapid hiv test on monday which will mark 9 days since accident.

So my questions are
# Chances of my Hiv?
# Why have i lost 1kg?
#I guess i have read many threads related to broken condom, i have also read that you guys are yet to see a person tested positive for broken condom, is this true till today?
# I know i am afraid and chasing symptoms which i should stop but
#will a rapid HIV test on a 9th day will work?
#Also i have a tiny red spot on my left hand from the second day is that some thing i have to really worry about?
#what are the chances of STD?
And i really appreciate everyone who's helping people like me, hats off to you guys. Thanks in advance.
Hiya. Well you have a risk and you do need to test. Your risk is not as a high as you think.

Less than 1% of the population have HIV and unprotected sex is rated a 1% risk so when you do the maths, your risk is very low. Of course you can get HIV from this but i have not heard anyone getting HIV from condom breaks and you can see why.

Their is no point testing until 30 days and the depending on the generation of the test it will range from 90% up to over 95% accurate. A fourth generation test is far more accurate.

A final test will be conclusive at 12 weeks, so until then get busy with other things other than HIV.

Stds are a risk, not the forum for that but certainly test for them after 6 days,
The chance that you caught HIV is close to zero. Test as Apollo indicated, and expect negative results. What's done is done. Just test at the appropriate time and put it behind you, that's all that you can do.
I know hiv cannot be diagnosed by symptoms, but only by testing. You are right im stressed out. I should stop chasing symptoms. Hope i will be alright. Thanks apollo123.
GET a GRIP on YOURSELF. What is DONE is DONE. Either you HAVE HIV or you DON'T. And either way, you will MOVE ON, I PROMISE YOU. People who catch HIV MOVE ON.

You don't see people FREAKING OUT on the INFECTED forum, because they MOVE ON.

Whatever happens, SUCK it UP, and MOVE on WITH your LIFE.
Hi guys hope ya'll doing fine, Just wanna vent here, i know you guys will hate me if i post symptoms also i know we do not discuss symptoms here, but haven't got anybody to talk about this so bare with me pls. So its been 19 days now, did not have any fever, diarrhea and rashes. But i did have some tiny bump on both sides of my neck last week which lasted for like 2 days and had a very sharp pain on my biceps and waist line for like 5 seconds then and there but not now. But still i have tingling or itchy feeling inside my big finger on my thumb, and also had one big pimple like near my genitals i usually get its like heat boils. As my body is always hot during winter.

And just one huge concern, i had a tiny blood spot on my skin from the very next day of having medicine to prevent STD as mention on my first post. Then another one on my arm, but now i have like 10 micro spots on my skin near shoulder area. I did google and found that its petechiae. Now im even more depressed. But i found that it is because of low platelets, immunity disorders lukemia blah blah and many more and internet fed more for my fears and finally found it also could be the drugs aka antibiotics which i took. I believe it should be because of antibiotics.

So i have decided to visit a skin doctor, but need you're suggestions here should i wait for my 4 weeks window period to be over. Or should go to a dermatologist now. Because my guess is this is due to the drugs, so if i go and what if the doctor suggests that i have to wait for my 3 months hiv test. I don't want to waste money in this now. (I am convinced that i have HIV and need more money for future expenses actually im saving more than i used to). So pls help me out guys.

I am trying to stay positive, i don't google as much i did in first week but when i do i read too many threads. And found HIV may not have symptoms for a very long time. I was worried that i din't have any symptom as others. So far i have read more that 400 threads in all forums possible. What can i say im scared af.(i'm ashamed to look at myself, was so confident and optimistic before but now i'm alone worried all the time. But one thing for sure i'm far better than first week, i'm pretty sure i will move on even if i have HIV, **** it! ill face it!!)

Joggen apollo123 or anybody out there, suggestions are much welcomed.

thanks guys god bless all.
Hi guys, hope you all doing fine, I just have a doubt, I am developing petenchiea, I had two three weeks ago but not have few on my shoulders few on my thy regions, n one on my stomach region, I see its developing my guess is this is because of the medicine I took month ago as mentioned above, but can you please help me out here guys cos I'm feaking out thinking its a symptom of hiv. It would be really great if some one give me some info on this.
stop reading online about HIV..
stop obsessing on how you feel ...

HIV is not something you can diagnose online or by yourself
only a test can give you any kind of accurate answer
see a doctor if you do not feel good
good luck
all HIV tests are considered conclusive if done after 3 months from exposure.
so it doesn't matter which one you use.
[QUOTE=iamscaredplshlp;5388383]6 week Antibody test- Negative
What s next??[/QUOTE]

Quit reading up on HIV and move on with your life.
They will not effect your HIV results. Your 99% clear and in 12 weeks, that will be 99.9%.

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