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Hello every body,

I had a party 7 weeks ago with some friends and things got a little out of control.

I didn't know them all but we had fun together i drunk a lot of alcohol and i was almost wasted but i don't remember doing any thing risky.

There were a group having some drugs in a room nearby i didn't know that but i saw them while i was leaving in the morning.

So the problem is 1 day after i developed a bruise on my left arm (Biceps) like a hematoma of 2cm .

I began to worry a bit and i called my friends to ask what exactly happened on that night .. but no one could give me a clear answer.

I forget about it until 10 days after, a bunch of symptoms starts to appear :

-Night sweat
-Rash over my face
-Swollen face (from my nose to my chin)
-Pimples over the body
-Easily bruised skin
-Cough (dry)
-Swollen glands
-sore throat
-Joints pain
-Oral thrush
-Weight lost (+10%)
-Flaky skin

And those symptoms go and come and sometimes they get worst.

I went to see my doctor after that and he prescribed a full STD test.
I did that at W5 after the incident and all came negative. (Including ELISA HIV combo test)

After he received the results .. he was confident that its was not HIV and said its something "Viral" he didn't even give me an antibiotic just some pain killers and an anti-fungal for my thrush.

I did a Rapid test at home in week 6 witch came negative.

The problem that i am in my 7th week now and symptoms are still here feel a bit worse everyday.

I just want to ask you guys about what i should do next ? have another type of test ? or should i stop testing ?

Do ARS symptoms lasts for more than 6 weeks ??

Sorry for my poor English i am not a native speaker.

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