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Hello thank you for taking time out to read my question. I will make it as quick as possible. I have read about the hiv rash and some websites say it resembles measles and some websites say it resemble eczema. I was just wondering:
1. which does it resemble
2. is it wide spread. covering the whole torso.
3. are the bumps clustered together or spaced out.
4. does it look like one pimple and 3 inches away another pimple or are they all compacted like 10 pimples on a patch of skin?
5. Would you be able to notice the rash without looking for it.

There is a lot of info in the internet and i understand some is wrong i was wondering could you give me some kind of incite on it thank you so very much once again for reading my question.

p.s. i understand you can NOT diagnose hiv from a rash. but I was just wanting a little info on it.
We DO NOT discuss symptoms on this forum. If you have a rash then see a doctor.

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