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Had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman who was menstruating for roughly 20 seconds. I pulled out, never ejaculated and cleaned myself off. Roughly 2 weeks later, I had a cold, no fever, chills, then came the rash which took multiple forms over the next month. I've had almost all symptons including muscle and joint problems that have been debilitating to say the least. Lymph nodes are not swollen according to the doctor, my white blood count has been good along with all my labwork. I do not believe I had any ARS related symptons to my knowledge other then a brief sore throat which I get regularly. The date of last occurrence was 12.21 and was tested 8 weeks later to the date via HIV antibody test (probably 3rd generation). I believe I seroconversion 2-3 weeks after my first skin rash which puts me at 1.11 with over a full month to detect antibodies. I should mention that I did take an immunosuppressive medication (low dose) for a short period of time, but cannot find any legitimate documentaction that leads me to believe it could or would alter the test.

I'm freaking out as I cannot control my anxiety, which is making my rash more angry.

Can anyone tell me percentage wise if I'm still at risk and what the REAL percentages are for me in my case that I could be infected with the HIV virus.

I will say the person I was with had no symptoms, confident that she did not have an infection ane appeared healthy in every way. She took offense to my asking but that means nothing to me now.

My health and those of my loved ones are at jeopardy due to my stupid, horrible decisions and praying everyday that I'm not sick.

Really looking for someone who is knowledgeable on this topic.

Please help!!!


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