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Oral sex confusion.
May 12, 2017
Hello, id like to start by stating what exactly has lead me to here. I've run out of options and I feel totally alone and scared. I am a male who performed oral sex on a male, and he ejaculated in my mouth that is all that happened and this was my last "unknown" exposure. This was on Feb 20th / 2017 around 12:30am. It didn't last long, by 1am he was done and gone. This was the early hours of Monday morning, on Saturday morning (6 days later) I got a cold sore (something I've had 100s of im sure, which was a bad one and lasted for quite some time. Next, on the following Monday my arm pits were burning and when I checked they were broke out very badly, but again I had recently switched deodarnt and after I stopped using the new deodarnt within a week things went back to normal, but I made the biggest mistake to date I do believe, I started to google. It started with googling about cold sores and why it was taking so long to clear up, and somewhere along the way it took to me to an article about HIV. Then I was obsessed and convinced I had contracted HIV. Around this timeframe I also suffered with very bad pains in my knees and thighs, however I went through 3 pairs of work boots in just over a month, so all my "syptoms" were hard to actually relate to HIV yet I was still convinced and continued to google. I also got sharpe pains in my throats and after going to a walk in clinic I was told therwas was no infection and it was most likely from stress and anxiety and I needed to relax. I asked the person who I had performed the oral sex on, and said he was tested negative two years ago and has not put him self in any risky situations (only protected vaginal sex, no anal sex of any kind, no needle use, and has only ever had oral sex performed on him and he has not performed any) but 2 years is hard to still consider accurate. I went to the local AIDS clinic on March 8th (17 days post exposure) and had blood work done (I'm in Canada and contacted CATIE who informed me all blood tests are 4th gen and check for p24 and antibodies) and it came back negative, but the nurse stressed I come back because I was in the "window-period". Fine and dandy, it's been consuming my entire life and has ruined my day to day life with anxiety and worry. However I made it to week 9 and on the 64th day post exposure I was seeing my family doctor and requested he send me for more blood work to check my HIV status. Today I went back for my results (now in week 10) and he said they were negative, which I thought was going to make me extremely happy and finally relax some, but when I asked if he thought that things were "looking good" for me, he insisted that any testing before 6 months is no good. This is when I feel like I hit my lowest. I thought I was almost out of the woods, and he's a doctor, a real live doctor, and he didn't reassure me at all. He made me fear even more. I'm a healthy 24 year old male, I don't have diabetes or any autoimmune disorders, no cancers or chemotherapy. When I contacted CATIE they said I'm at extremely low risk, and that most people can be detected within 4-6 weeks, while testing at 12 weeks is still the guideline. However if there was no p24 detected after 17 days, and no antibodies detected after 64 days, why does my doctor insist and demand that any testing done before 6 months is inaccurate. I thought this was almost behind me, now I feel like it's all just starting all over again.

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