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Hi Guys,
I live in the UK, I had two sexual encounters on the 1st of August 2016 and then again on the 6th of August 2016. Both were protected however I am unsure if the condom was broken/had a small tear, I do remember it being on when I removed my penis and didn't see any visible huge tear.

The exposures I had were with Escorts that I found on a website and booked an appointment with.

I had these tests done at a GUM Clinic (NHS). They took a blood sample from my arm for the test and as far as I am aware it was a Fourth Generation HIV Test.

My test results are as follows with the time after exposure;

- 4 Weeks HIV - Negative
- 8 Weeks HIV - Negative
- 12 Weeks HIV (31st of October)/86 Days - Negative
- 5 Months and 2 weeks - Negative
- 7 Months and 3 weeks - Negative
- 12 Months and 3 days - Negative

My anxiety had left me for 3-4 months until recently when my partner began getting sick, the thought that I could've potentially infected her came into my mind despite these negative results. She had a throat infection, then developed a white tongue (doctor said it was attributed to the antibiotics she was taking and also said it was not a thrush) she also developed some sore spots on her tongue which are now gone after a small course of antibiotics. The infection from her throat apparently traveled to her mouth (that's what the doctor said).

This is what prompted me to test again at 12 months, however I have searched online and found that there are certain people (25 to be exact) who do not develop HIV Antibodies, they are persistently seronegativedespite having the infection.

This has reignited my anxiety and stress, and I understand this is common and a lot of people go through this, I am also aware that the chances of that happening are one in a million and also that I used a condom (albeit I'm not sure if it was used effectively however I did not notice any visible tear).

I just need some advice. The last case that was seronegative was around 2007. Most of these cases were prior to 2000 - I am unsure if the P24 Antigen component of the HIV 4th Generation test will detect the virus without the presence of antibodies even in these rare seronegative infected people. And if so, for how long? Would the P24 Antigen persist in the body indefinitely as there would be no antibodies to replace them? Or would they too fade eventually?

I am starting University soon, and this has taken over my life. I am suffering greatly due to this, any help is appreciated.

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