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Worry like hell
Oct 28, 2017
Dear sir,

I write to ask about an acitivy i did in a massage parlor

40 days ago , i wan on a holiday and tried one of these massage parlors on the streets. I was naked laying on my stomach it started the normal oil massage on legs and back, the guy was wearing an underwear, he reached my butt and massaged it with rubbing his penis while his underwear this rubbing lasted for a minute as I didn’t want any sex. Then i turned on my back he asked if i want sex and i said no, so he masturbated me by his hand he took off his inderwear and laid next to me I didn’t see any cuts or anything he seemed well clean and professional. My concern is when he went on top to to rub our penises together, he took his and mine together there was oil but not rubbing or frottage happened and only touched for 10 seconds coz i stopped him and didn’t want to, i al not sure if he had precum. He then continued msturbated me untill i came on my tummy he the used a towel to clean my penis and my tummy.

I am so worried can’t focus on anything for the past 40 days, do i need any hiv testing? I need to relax but can’t as i had some 2 rashes during this on my legs which what it looked like mosquito bites with red area arround it and was itching a lot it went after few days when i used purigel. The anxiety went back harder when i had another small rash on the upper part of my right palm (right side of it) small itchy pimple causing red area arround it.

Should i be worried more?? Please help i am married and afraid to have sex woth my wife because of it and do i need testing.

Thank you a lot.

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