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Nov 24, 2003
I have already tested negative at 3 months and once at 5 months, and I would put this all behind me, BUT I am still having symtoms! First, i have what seems to be a yeast infection for three months that wont go away, and now I have been suffering diarrhea for the past month. It happens maybe like 2 x's a week! This is driving me insane. Should I test again? Is it possible that I am in the late stages of the disease and its not showing up? Are these symptoms of the late stage? I went to the doctor and they said everything was fine, CBC normal, and everything.. I tell myself if it was a later stage then my CBC would've been screwed up by now? Is this logical thinking?
Re: Again?
Nov 25, 2003
[QUOTE=maybe helpful]Your not having symptoms that are SPECIFIC to HIV. There are many other things that can cause reoccuring yeast infections. And before you can say its a yeast infection, it needs diagnosing, each time. Vaginosis can be mistaken for a yeast infection, and sometimes bladder infections will mimic them. Endometriosis is also possible. HIV usually only causes yeast infections in women late in the disease.Unless your last exposure was 5 years aso or later, you have not progressed into late stage HIV or AIDS. Diarrehea 2 times a week is not a sign. HIV related diarrehea lasts up to a week, or longer, and is constantly loose, watery stools. It doesnt stop and start again. That is why there is weight loss also. Like I said,unless you could be 5 years or more into the disease, you are not in late stages of it, and yes, by now if you WERE there would be something wrong with your CBC.

6 months PAST possible exposure is recomended ONLY for people with work related injuries, or people who were with KNOWN HIV+ people. So, if you feel like you need it test again, and it will be 100% conclusiv, no if, and or buts.[/QUOTE]

Maybe indicated that if someone were 5 years plus into the disease then something would be wrong with your CBC count. Is this to say that if after 5 years a blood test was given and your CBC count was normal then HIV is highly unlikely?

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