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Some of you have seen the movie, "Kids," too often. That's the movie where a girl gets HIV after having unprotected sex ONCE with a guy, and then a guy that has unprotected sex with that girl ONCE gets HIV at the end. Ya, talk about the most unlucky group of "kids" on this planet.

Let me put it this way: If you are worried about having HIV after having unprotected sex with your girlfriend or wife, then you have some emotional ssues.

You are more likely to get a FALSE-POSITIVE from an ELISA test, than to contract HIV through one time unprotected heterosexual sex with an HIV positive person. The FDA puts a 6 month ELISA at 99.9% accuracy. The CDC cites HIV transmission percentage from heterosexual sex with an HIV+ individual to be anywhere from 1/500 to 1/8000.

Now I'm not saying HIV isn't there or isn't killing people. It is. But if you're worried about HIV after unprotected heterosexual sex with someone in a low-risk group, that's an indication that perhaps you have a serious anxiety disorder, or just a guilty conscience.

Think about it this way. According to the July 2003 US Census, there are 281 million Americans living in this country. There are 124.1 million Americans between the ages of 15 and 44. I can assure you that at least HALF, of these 124.1 million Americans have practiced unprotected sex at one point or another in their lives. Do you realize that MILLIONS of young women are on the birth control pill, and a large number of them are on the pill to practice UNPROTECTED sex? Not saying they are all sleeping around, but an innumerable percentage of them specifically go on the Pill to be intimate with a boyfriend or husband, without the use of condoms. How many married couples still use condoms? Ya, right.

According to the CDC, there are an estimated 362,260 people in America CURRENTLY LIVING with HIV/AIDS. That includes all the people who have not yet been tested positive, but the CDC believes are lurking about in the general public not knowing they are infected. Now a lot of people have incorrectly interpreted statistics on this board, where they state about 800,000 are living with HIV/AIDS. Read more carefully...that number is CDC's CUMULATIVE CASES, ie the total number to date, starting way back in the early 80's! Of course since then, over 500,000 have died. All I'm talking about is America. Africa and Russia, those are unique situations, where most of the general population, ie heterosexuals, are in the high-risk group. (by high risk, the CDC means engage in unprotected sex with an HIV positive person 500 times and your risk of infection is 2/3)

By the way, the CDC has very good methods of estimating the current number of people in the country with HIV/AIDS because sooner or later, EVERYONE with HIV/AIDS will develop symptoms and will be tested positive. Health agencies count how many of the new cases are those who never knew they had HIV until it turned into full-blown AIDS and got really sick, and they can use that figure to accurately estimate how many are currently living with HIV/AIDS.

That being said, each year, the CDC reports around 43,000-44,000 new HIV/AIDS cases. Keep in mind, that most health clinics make a concerted effort to track down and test everyone who had sexual relations with each new positive person. This number includes people who were infected several years ago, and just found out they were infected when they came down with serious symtpoms (which all infected people do.)

So, out of about 124.1 million Americans between the ages of 15-44, many of whom are married, and millions of whom are practicing unprotected sex, a mere 43,158 new HIV/AIDS cases are being reported. That 43,000-44,000 includes homosexuals who practice unprotected anal, rape victims, IV drug users, new borns, prostitutes, men who seek out prostitutes, and heterosexual females that practice unprotected anal sex.

Now think about it...if HIV was really THAT prevalent among low-risk groups (heterosexual non-sex worker) and if HIV really was that easy to catch, a heck of a lot more than 43,000-44,000 per year would be diagnosed, especially since most clinics actively contact and test those who have come in contact with each newly infected individual.

I'm not advocating that you go sleep around. Herpes, syphillis, crabs, pregnancy, those are all risks. But at the same time, if you've been dating a girl, and you have unprotected sex with her once in a while, don't freak out. Don't post on this board under the moniker "suicidal" with the post topic, "I think I'm infected!" That is plain unhealthy, and indicates that perhaps you have some sort of emotional disorder...respectfully and seriously. Everyone should get regularly tested, but testing should be a normal, regular event. Not something to get stressed about.

Now if you recieve unprotected anal sex, or if you use IV drugs, then you should be more worried. But for those of you who just have a steady bf/gf, and started having unprotected sex...well ya it's a good idea to get tested, but rest-assured you are almost certainly going to be negative for HIV. Of the 43,000 new cases each year, about 10,000 are from heterosexual sex, including both men and women, prostitutes, porn-stars, women who take unprotected anal, and people who lied about their "real" cause of infection.

So you heterosexuals out there! Stop worrying so damn much. Worry more about pregnancy or herpes. Regular STDs should be your primary concern, HIV just means you're really really unlucky. Get tested, or give blood, and seek help if you are still "so_scared235"

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