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Firstly, I know it's pointless trying to diagnose (let alone self-diagnose!) HIV based on symptoms alone.. so, I [I]have[/I] made an appointment to be tested for HIV. Unfortunately, I've to wait 8 days. So in the meantime I could really use some advice, feedback, anything.

The story so far: About 18 months (start of the summer 2002) ago I broke up with a girl I'd been going out with for about 3 months. She was on birth-control pills at the time and, as a result, I never had protected sex with her (i.e. never used a condom - how foolish). Vaginal and oral.

The thing is, she had already had sex with quite a few guys. Infact it turned out she had somewhat a reputation for sleeping around. And I doubt very much that she used protection with other guys either. In the end we broke up because I finally found out she'd been cheating on me. I've since completely lost contact with her, and have no idea if she could be HIV+.

I'm worried sick right now, and have been on & off for months. I remember that about 6 weeks after I last had sex with this girl, I developed a rash under my arms and down the side of my torso (more severe on the left hand side), and also around my scrotum & upper-inner thighs. It was extremely itchy. The rash was like clusters of tiny little blisters, filled with clear liquid. Most of them were 1-3 mm in diameter. The doctor said that it [I]might[/I] just be scabies. So, I used a lotion from the chemist, which didn't really seem to make all that much difference as I had to use it twice. Anyhow, the rash disappeard after about a week or two later.

I'm racking my brain, but I cannot remember if I was sick (with typical flu like symptoms of ARS) at this time as it was quite long ago. Also, I've not exactly been in the best of health in the last year and a half, so it's hard to recall all the times I've had the "flu", as there have been quite a few. I've also been quite fatigued for most of this time and have notice an increase in bowel movements over the last year.. nothing serious though.

That same summer I'd been to see my GP a number of times about unexplained dizzy spells, tiredness etc. He did a standard blood test (no HIV) which didn't reveal anything strange. I ended up seeing a neurologist who said that everything seemed ok brain-wise. I still get dizzy spells.

Anyway, sorry about the very long post - I just had to get that all out.
I know none of you can diagnose me, but I could use some feedback about how likely you think it is that I have contracted HIV from this girl. I'm so worried I can't sleep. I'd like to be prepared.

Thanks a million


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