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Freaking out
Dec 10, 2004

My story goes pretty much the same as many others. I went on vacation and had vaginal sex with a woman whom I later found out to be very promiscuous (in fact, i later found out she was a prostitute). It was a one time deal and will never see this person ever again thus I can't ask what her hiv status is. Anyway, the sex was protected however the condom slipped off during intercourse. I don't know how long it was off for but it was for no longer than a few minutes. I don't think it matters how long the condom was off for. The fact of the matter is the condom came off and I am totally freaked out that I may have contracted HIV.

This was only the second person that I have ever had sex with. I was drunk and wasn't thinking normally - What an idiot i am. So, as the story continues, about 2 days after intercourse my penis began hurting and i had pain while urinating. Initially, I began to fear something like chlymidia or gonnerea. It hurt like heck for about 1 week after I returned from vacation. After that first week, I went to get tested at the local STD clinic. They took a urine sample and analyzed the urine. Everything came back negative. they said there was a lot of calcium in my urine which led them to believe that the calcium buildup in my urethra was causing the pain. Go figure - what a coincidence. So I'm happy that was clean. But then I start thinking about HIV and I make the decision to investigate symptoms on the internet - big mistake. I mean it is good to be educated but I instantly began to see that I had a few of the symptoms. as I have read on this board, you can't rely on symptoms. The only sure way is the blood test. I have had these things come up sporadically on my body that look like a pimple with a hair coming out of it. I don't know if I ever had these before but now that i am looking at my body so closely, I am seeing all sorts of things that worry me.

I had some muscle pain in my two inner thighs and in my left arm in addition to other symptoms. I never had the "flu/fever/mono" type symptom though.

Anyway, now I have been sick for three days with a sore throat/cough/chest congestion (no fever). That doesn't reaaly worry me as my roommate was sick last week with the same thing as well as 2 of my co-workers. I went to the doctor's yesterday and he said i just had a bug. Since I was there, I asked him about my hiv worries and explained to him my situation. He seems to think I have a better chance at hitting the lottery. When I told him that I have gained about 20 pounds over the past 5-6 weeks, he seemed to think that it was very, very, very unlikely that i had contracted the virus. Anyway, I am now at day 52 after my possible exposure and have trouble keeping my sanity waiting for day 90.

My main question is how accurate will a test at say 60 days be? I am thinking that I can't make it to 90 days without having a nervous breakdown.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what I would do without this site. Just bieng able to read about others has helped me calm down a bit.

Thanks for any words or Thoughts,


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