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Re: How long?
Mar 10, 2005
[QUOTE=GAAH]Before I came to healthboards, I would often search the net for info on HIV symptoms, etc. I have read that it can take up to 10 years to see any kind of problems to occur related to the illness. Is this number far fetched? Do ppl commonly have problems much sooner than 10 years?

If you haven't read my story elsewhere I had unprotected sex at a college campus near Pittsburgh with a a very horny girl that I met for less than hour before I had sex with her, she also had sex with my friend. It is now 6 years down the line, and I have gotten worried again. I obtained coldsores some time after the act - maybe a year or so later even. I also had problems with my stomach, but seeing how bad my stomach has gotten in recent weeks as a direct result of the worry and stress - I have very little worry about this symptom. I had my appendix removed which I have no idea whether or not it had anything to do with my stomach problems. I am still waiting to get tested, as I have a physical planned at the start of April, and will have it done then. Like a lot of you worriers I cry sometimes. And I live in constant fear and panic. Worst case scenarios run thru my head intermittently throughtout the day.[/QUOTE]

I'm not a doctor but you could be making yourself sick from worry. I think everyone is different in terms of how long it takes symptoms to show. Please give yourself piece of mind and take the test. I waited for years and the relief is more than you can imagine. Either way- you will not have to worry about the unknown.

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