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i had sex with 5 different women
3 without condom 2 with condom
first two sexual partners 3 years 1/2 ago
first girl had a child with
second one had unprotected sex 4 times
then had sex with first girl many times after that without protection and got her preguant
she went to jail for a fight with her mom and was tested but was clean and found out she was pregaunt
she then had the child and we had sex again unprotected many times comed inside her
she got arrested again 4 same thing and said she got tested any everything was fine....
eventually we broke up and then a long time later had sex with another girl but with protection (one night stand)
then had sex a little time after that and used protection (one night stand)
then last time i had sex condom broke for 2 months didn't use protection had sex on and off 2 months but always pulled out
2 months later girl got tested and everything she said came out clean
i have never been tested all that time

in the first two girls after having sex with the second girl i got tonslitis but (i had kissed a girl in school and the next day got it)
never had tonslitis b4 but had similar problems like sore thoart when i was a virgin
dierrrea that hasn't gone away but doesn't happen everyday usually in the moring it occurs (boating, gas alot) eat alot of junk food
dierrea still with me after all those years the same but not everyday and only once and never anytime later in the day
had gotten the cold and similar thingz like allergys but thats really it after all this time
i just started geting sweaty hands and feet and have been really nervous and my right eye hurts sometimes but not reallly

after last girl 1 month later notice yellowish discharge from penis only once a day in the moring and whitish sometimes rather than yellow
smells doesn't burn only after peeing so i guess it's clymidia or gonnoerrea
if i got that and the last girl didn't i don't know how long i have had it or what? never notice anything like it b4
went to go get tested but clinic didn't have quick test so waiting tel sat when they have it and get tested finally as well as for stds
im just scared and wonder what eles i got and i aint got insurance so scared that it can ruin my life of course
been looking 4 thrush but not sure because the pictures of it dont match wat i have all i have is a white grayish lining in the sides of my mouth not sure if that is thrush and my tongue is white but no bumps but it seems to have always been this way since b4 3 years ago

im just scared and hope i aint got nothing especially hiv but i cant no tell i test which i should have a long time ago i just let it pass me by because my baby and babys mom didnt get nothing to my knowledge
have been worrying checkin tempature trying to find swollen glands shaking sweety hands and feet that just started I HAVE BEEN ON THE NET TWO DAYS

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