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Thrush looks like thick,white frosting on your tongue, you can almost scrape it off. When I first noticed, I was eating and my tongue felt scratchy and hurt a bit. That's when I looked in the mirror. I went to the doctor to comfirm it. What I've learned is that a persons tongue naturally has that fungus on it, when it gets out of controle there is a problem. Antibiotics can have this effect on people. I must have been to the doctor 5 times that month because in my mind, my tongue was not getting better. My mind is still playing tricks on me. When I thought I had HIV, it really messed me up. My anxiety has sky rocketed. What ever you do, stay away from looking this stuff up on the internet! I made that mistake. It only makes things worse. I'm trying to move on, I have good days and bad. It's almost like I'm winding down from this traumatic event. I went to the doctor recently, she put me on Paxil. I just cant wait until I can feel 100% again.

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