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Hi everyone!
I have been having some ongoing health problems for a few weeks now. It started off as painful lumps in my throat with a fever. The lumps felt like canker sores (i've had really bad outbreaks ever since I was a small child) so I just figured that was the reason for my sore throat and tried not to worry about it. With the sore throat I had pain in my eardrum, muscles and joints and my armpits. I was also extremely fatigued and tired. I started to worry when I had tingling in my arms, legs, and even my mouth and throat on one occasion. After the symptoms lingered for more than 2 weeks I finally went to my doctor last Friday (June 2nd). I actually haven't seen this doctor before because I just switched to a new clinic this month. The doctor immediately said she wanted to get a CBC and run a bunch of tests because she said I obviously had some type of virus but she had no idea what it could be. She didn't mention testing me for HIV so I actually had to request that she test for me HIV as well. She said no problem and put it on the lab orders. The test was only done last Friday but I didn't think to ask her when I should expect the results! She did have me wait in the waiting room for my strep test and mono results and those came back negative. I'm really scared because I have a 20 month old child and that I'm still nursing so my biggest fear is that I'm going to test positive and that I've passed it on to my child. I did have an HIV test done when I was pregnant and it came back negative, but my husband has a sketchy sexual past so I worry (he's had a lot of sexual partners and was bi-sexual for a while). My husband even had this really bad outbreak on his chest a few months ago that looked like acne, but it turned out to be a weird yeast rash. He did get an HIV test done during my pregnancy and it was negative, and I don't think he'd cheat on me but with all the symptoms I'm having I wonder sometimes. The only other way I could have gotten HIV is from my dentist which I know is pretty low risk. The only thing that freaks me out is the clinic that I go to (used to go too) is really disguisting! It's a low income clinic with not very sanitary conditions which is why I stopped going there. I had a wisdom tooth extraction done last summer so I guess it's possible I could have gotten infected. As far as my health problems go I'm actually starting to feel a little bit better but I did have a scary incident at work today where I had my first episode of vertigo. I stood up and basically almost passed out. It took about 5 minutes before I could walk again. Anyway, I'm sorry to keep rambling, but I'm really nervous waiting for my results. When should I call and ask my doc about the results?

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