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Hey, just stumbled into the convo here. I am not HIV +, just a constant worrier, like Worried. Anywayz, I don't necessarily believe that the Government has a cure for HIV and all that, but it does seem a little weird to me that there really hasn't been a CURE for anything in a long time, only treatments, expensive treatments at that. Its not just AIDS that pads the pharmacutical (sp?) companies pockets, but many different diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, herpes, and so on, and many of these diseases have been around FOREVER. But why would they try to cure these diseases? They have no incentive to, They have a better incentive to sit around and make new strains of viruses that are incurable, because that would increase their profit. People really do need to start talking and doing something about HIV/AIDS. I believe with all of the technology that they could cure anything if they would just try. BTW, Jeffery, the supplement thing makes a lot of sense to me. Its simple, and it seems like it would be quite effective. Have you read the book "Natural Cures THEY don't want you to know about"? I havent read it yet, but I would like to. I think there are natural cures, or treatments that are more effective that the presription treatments, but again, there isn't much profit for the pharmacutical companies in that is there? OK, I think Im done complaining now.

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