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[QUOTE=smiteler;3109669]any of the tests out there today are very accurate,i don't think it would matter whitch one you take.i believe results at that time period are at 95% accurate and after the window are considered 99% . the only way the window is longer is if you have some extreme medical problems.
sometimes the symptoms are hard to ignore but the test results are the best way to go to figuring out if you are infected or not and if you go by them you really have no worries about being infected with hiv.[/QUOTE]

Hello Smiteler. Ok you've read my long winded story on why I'm worried about my final test to make sure I'm HIV negative. In my story I do mention that I'm possibly suffering from cervical cancer and have been for 4 years now. I was just wondering if you think in my case that it would mean that my final test could possibly come back positive? I've been leading a relatively normal life except for the symptoms that have come up which I've been able to handle on my own without medicine of any kind. I know it was stupid for me to have gone this long without getting myself thoroughly checked out about the whole cancer thing but I did tell you the hell the doctors put me through each time I went to tell them my problems and how I gave up on doctors all together. I haven't been deathly ill or anything like that over the years, most people dont' even know I'm suffering (basically you can't tell just by looking at me). But would this have a[I] big[/I] impact on when HIV would show up if I was indeed actually exposed? I didn't mean to butt in here, but I would like to hear your reply. Thanks!

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