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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the boards. First of all, thanks to all of you who are here giving support and helping each other. I have a couple of questions about an encounter I recently had and am of course feeling scared/guilty/embarrassed etc. To anyone with advice, knowledge,or who has shared a similar experience, any insight would be so much appreciated!

OK so 8 days ago, I performed unprotected oral sex on a man of unknown status, there was ejaculation but I spat (sorry for being crude). No known cuts in my mouth, no visible blood, etc. Basically a one-night stand after too much drinking, feeling really guilty now which is of course adding to my worry. I do not know him well but know he definitely has multiple partners (female) and dont know how well he protects himself...

3 days ago (6 days after the incident), I get sick: slight sore throat, notice 2 small "cold sore type" white spots on back of my throat, glands in neck a little sore but not really swollen, no fever (except for a couple hours on the 2nd day, less than 100), no rash, etc...Was sick only the past 2 days, so 48 hours, pretty mildly, today i am practically fine. of course, start freaking out, thinking ARS...

1)am i right to assume that it is still considered low risk to transmit hiv in this kind of an encouter?

2)as far as my sickness, i know you cannot diagnose HIV this way, but am i correct in assuming that what i had sounds more like a cold, that ARS would last longer than 48 hours usually? please if anyone here who is + could share what they went through if they did experience symptoms of ARS, would really appreciate?

3)finally, im so stressed because i just want to get tested as soon as possible for peace of mind, but since my incident was so recent, i was told by a helpline i need to wait 3 months for a reliable result. What test was she refering to? Is there any way to get tested sooner with a different test? Finally, I understand that a standard test if 100% reliable at 3 month, but would you suggest i get a standard test before anyway, to give me a good indication?? if someone has statistics on when tests start to be even a little reliable, please please share!!! (say at 3 weeks, would i get an indication for some reassurance, and then i could retest at 3 months?)

4)finally, if i went to the doctor today, is there any testing he could do to determine what my sickness was? say, could i ask him to test for strep throat, anything else? would this then rule out my "cold" could not have been ARS?

Sorry this was so long, thanks to anyone with the patience and kindness to read and reply! Be well and have a good day!!!

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