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Hello - I've gone through the "worried well" phase, testing too early, negative at 6-8 weeks (ELISA) ect. Of course my Obsessive compulsive disorder has kicked in and put the spotlight back on my HIV fears. After that last risky encounter, I developed a single, swollen lymph node, I believe it is a submandibular node, below my jaw, near my esophagus. I let it go, but the node has been persistently swollen from months upon months. It is a single node, I have been to the doctor mutiple times. Negative for mono, great general blood work (cbc), negative on ELISA at about 6 weeks, possibly 8 weeks. I'm not asking the usual "am I infected?" -- I want to discuss lymph nodes and other possible causes of swelling besides the obvious. I ahve been on numerous courses of antibiotics, from the mild to the most hardcore antibiotic avaliable. It remains swollen. Persistent, non tender, size of a grape. I have read sometimes that having certain allergies, which I do have, can cause a lymph node to react and swell. I've had post nasal drip and the rest of my allergies symptoms for months. I'm not exactly sure how something like simple allergies canc ause this, but do recall reading it. I also became drunk one night and the ER told me to induce vomiting. This was similar to bulimic inducing vomiting. I know that it was harsh and I was straining and jabbing at my throat, in a frenzy. I know that local damage/trauma can cause swelling of the lymph node, however, I would not expect it to be swolllen for many month later as this one has. it seems to be close to my esophagus, at times when I swollow my saliva or food, I can feel it "pop" and "click" as it moves agasint my esophagus while the food passes. I've also been reading something about inflammation causing chronic lymph node swelling, what exactly does this mean? I never had any fever, rash, body aches, ect... no symptoms of any infections, nor any tests or blood work to support any infections since the swelling began. The node became enlarged shortly after my high-risk encounter, extremely high risk, but also aronud the time I had to induce vomiting, so it's hard to distinguish an exact cause. Any help and in-depth information on lymph node swelling would be greatly appreciated.

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