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I am sorry but I disagree. HIV can lead to AIDS, I think you are trying to justify and defend your lifestyle. If there ia a nick of any sort on the penis, or any irritation around or in the urethra, insertion into the backdoor CAN have consequences. Virus agent, bacteria, it makes no difference. Why would anyone one take a chance entering a cavity of the body that contain poop? Secondly, no matter how one wants to dispute rearend type of sex....people are contacting this daily. Those that contact from receiving blood, or through no fault of their own, I truly have passion for. But one who has sex in the rear end is just looking for disease. I have asked many doctors from a well know research clinic, and I am told of all the ways one can contract HIV, but they too have told me if a person has unprotected sex in the rear, they're just asking for trouble, and possibly AIDS. C'mon, God did not make that cavity of the body for a penis. Sorry, I do not believe your imput. Please get help.

[quote]Originally posted by Mr.Devine:
[b]You're all considerably wrong. The FIRST poster...believe it or not, is the most correct. I have studied HIV since 1992, intensely and extensively. I have even been a "guinea pig" for several HIV studies...and contracted NOTHING. I am NOT a straight male--but must agree, straight men are the "safest." Nothing enters the male urethra, except bacteria from OTHER STD's, NOT including HIV, which is viral. You will be stunned to know, that even contracting HIV VIA UNprotected anal intercourse with an infected person is only 1 in 500. And vaginally is 1 in 8000! Also...HIV is killed immediately once it hits air. It needs a host, and air is not it! It is also very temperature sensitive, and there is no guarantee even if it DOES enter your bloodstream that it WILL attach to a necessary cell.
If all of the scare tactics were to be believed, we would ALL have HIV. The GENERAL POPULATION
is NOT HIV+, why? Because it's not easy to get.
It's all about the bloodstream, and it is not so easy to get in there! The bacteria comment is ludicrous and has no basis what-so-ever.[/b][/quote]

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