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ok i will try my best to keep it as brief as possible.
i am 30 year male, had unprotected anal sex with another male, i was giver and i was inside him for about 3 to 5 seconds. and i pulled out. later i found he is hiv positive but undetectable. this happened on Nov 11th 09. i got tested for antibody on Dec 1st. and also for HIV blood test for Hiv viral, . the viral test result were received on Dec 15th 09. both tests were Neg

yesterday Dec 29th i notice inside my left cheek i scruffy line that i can feel with my tounge along the cheek going back to throat. there is same line inside right cheek also but its not that significant. when i looked in mirror i do not see any signs of marks on my tongue. the line inside left cheeks is rough and white.
i scraped it with my fingure nail and the white stuff cameoff easily and there were not blood signs left. i never had this before ever.

I have been reading all sorts of fourms since last night and it looks like its Trush that i have, because they say Thrush can also be inside cheeks.

My question is
if i was tested Negative both rapid and the blood test that was for HIV viral if in case it was false Negative than is it possible to get Thrush because of HIV so soon, as its almost 50 days since possible exposure. I do not have diabetes or any oral diseases. Also when i had the hiv blood test for virus detection was done doctor said it can detect infection 2 weeks prior and my possible exposure was 3 weeks ago at time to viral test.

What can i conclude with this ? i got tested again today for the HIV viral test the results will be given in 2 weeks.

I am extremely Stressed now

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