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I am male 37 I was with one gal for about one year. It was in 2007 December and our relation ship continued till August 2008.Our all encounter were unprotected sex all time. After that we parted and she tested negative for ELISA on 7 November 2008.Since that time I got some ARS type systoms like sore throat and red dots on body. To more twist in story I was living with my friend in at the same time and he was tested positive on Elisa. I use to use his Comb and Oil scissors (never I found it with blood clean scissors) some times. Learning about his test and using of his comb and oil. I got tested finally on 20 November 2008 for ELISA for HIV and 2 and got negative result. The problem of sore throat red shots and ulcers moth continued. I test for 3 more Elisa fro HIV 1 and 2 till 20 December 2008.My doctor seeing me so tense order for antigen antibody test for p24 antigen test and DNA PCR.I took first antigen/antibody test on 26 December 2008 which was negative and DNCA PCR on 29 December 2008 which was to negative. I again tested for antigen/antibody test on 23 January 2009 again negative but still sore throat, ulcers in mouth and red dots on body was coming and going every now and then. I was so afraid during these days that I kept on fearing of HIV infection.Afer this I went again for 11 HIV 1 and 2 Elisa antibody test every month and my last was on 20 February 2010 all these 11 tests were negative. Now after about one year and 3 months I still have sore throat and mouth ulcers and some time dry cough and lose motion still worried about HIV infection.
Please will any one answer my below question
1) Is it possible that after having so many tests I have a slight chance of HIV infection?

2) Do any one in this forum has story like me for so many negatives test and still wondering having HIV

3) Shall I go far Western Blot to be very sure that I am HIV negative? Although I went for DNA PCR after 8 weeks after danger and unprotected sex.Still should I Go for Western blot to confirm that I am HIV negative please forum advice?[/QUOTE]

A bit of a weird name for a thread... I'm not sure what to tell you except theirs a 0.000000001% chance you have HIV .The only way in this world you would have this virus in you is if your body has failed to make antibodys due to a fairly recent exposure, either that or you have a very weak immune system to begin with so its could take longer aka over 3 months to seroconvert, and again u nwould still need an exposure likely within the past 12 months... THose 2 cases I stated require you to have possible exposures which only you know of. the latter also requries you to have fairly severely weakened immune system without the presence of HIV.

ALl you can do is make sure you use condoms either that or get one sexual partner that you trust and know their status get them to show you their test results. If you're living a very risky lifestyle(anal sex possibly without condoms/large numbers of partners that type of stuff) it may be advisable to get tested every 3 months for all STDS but for some reason I doubt you're living that kind of lifestyle. So for you every 6-12 months should be more then sufficient.

If you dont mind me asking what country are you from and why are you so conerned with HIV are you being risky in your sexual endavors?

A sore throat and canker sores are your symptoms? Yes chronic cankersores can be a sign of a weak immune system its also possible theirs a hygene issue. Honestly im not sure what to tell you about the sore throat I know it can be a sign of the acute (initial)infection but I'm not so sure its a sign of having chronic HIV(unless ofcourse its another infection your weakened HIV immune system lets in which clearly isnt the case with you).
You've had thesse symptoms for how long well over a year I'm guessing and how manu negative tests have you had its clear that your symptoms arent coming from HIV.[/B][/U][/U]

I would go to your doctor and tell him about your symptoms possibly even visit your dentist and tell him about your mouth issues. Get full bloodwork done and start ruling out other things. You've Ruled out HIV just stay safe and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to HIV.

I dont doubt your symptoms I understand you're trying to put a name on something thats causing you issues you need to keep an open mind on whats causing you your symptoms. I know its extremely frustrating when your suffering through something thats painful and irritating and you dont have any name for it nor do you have any possible treatment or remedy for your symptoms. Add in doctors not having much of a clue or being much of a help either and I can see how your mind can wander and you can want to pin your symptoms on HIV.

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