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I was tested 2 weeks post exposure and I had a high WBC count(during my ARS symptoms) I'm thinking I had high neutrophils at that point but I dont know for sure because I don't have a copy of this. I was tested for HIV at 9 weeks post exposure it came back negative but I also had a high WBC at this point in time only my neutrophils were above the normal range everything else was right in the middle. Then reference range is 2.0-8.0 and my level was 10.3 that's double the mean.

This has me a bit concerned knowing my ARS type symptoms and how I'm still feeling I know raised neutrophils are a sign of an early viral infection, on top of many other things their a sign for.

I got another CBC blood test yesterday just over 11 weeks post exposure. If my level is still elevated that's pretty strange considering it's likely been elevated since my exposure. I know for a fact it's been elevated since 2 weeks post exposure when I first went for testing.

Although this isn't anything new I know the infection I had/have wasn't a common cold or flu it was way too strange and the symptoms lasted way too long, not to mention I never fully recovered. My appetite is still down in the dumps(I don't feel hungry) I'm having peripheral neuropathy on top of OHL and my skin being a bit more inflammed than ususal but the OHL has gotten better and my skin has improved(I'm also on antibiotics that are antiflammatory so that could partially be some of the improvement). Also I'm having some loose stools a bit and some diarrhea but im also taking vitamin C which can do that atlhough even before I took vitamin C I was having gas and stomach issues which I normally don't have.

I know their are other retroviruses other than HIV like HTLV or ATL. Also some retroviruses have been linked with Multiple sclerosis.

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