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I am a 30 yo guy. I need your expert advice on this before I go crazy.

Day 0: Last week I got a haircut, along with shaving and ear-picking at the baber-shop. After that I realized that their equipment are not clean and not sterilized at all. However I had no cut, no bleeding as far as I am aware of. The haircut was in the late after noon.

Day 1: The next day I start feeling not well in the morning. In the evening, I had a fever of 38.7oC and a lot of petechiae (tiny red blood spots under my skin) on my 2 lower legs. I went to the hospital and CBC show an abnormally low platelet count of 20 (along with a slightly low WBC). The doctor said I was having Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

Day 2-6: The next 5 days I had very high fever on and off (over 39oC) and develop every single symptom of acute HIV infection: entire body rash, night sweat, headache, 2 swollen gland, mouth ulcer, join pain, lost of appetite, sore throat... These symptoms share with VHF but my test for VHF returned negative. The doctor said I may have measles OR some viral infection but as I know the symptoms of measles are somewhat difference, like lower fever and self bleeding is extremely rare. I also mentioned the haircut but he said it is no risk. One good thing I've just heard is some people in my neighborhood are having measles-like fever with rash skins too, but they don't have bleeding like me.

I am so worried right now.
- Could you please let me know if it is possible to develop symptoms within 24 hours after infections? I heard it's 1-2 weeks on average but I believe infection through sex would take some days for the virus to enter blood stream.
- Are low platelet count and self bleeding possible in acute HIV infection?
- Are my symptom common for measles?
- What other disease may I be having if it is not VHF, HIV or measles?

Thank you all

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