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The chances of contracting HIV from the encounters you describe are very low. Unprotected oral sex may be of some risk if ejaculation in the mouth occurred, but the risk is still low.

Your rash does not sound concurrent with a rash seen during primary HIV infection and does sound like some kind of heat rash (or a reaction to your own sweating if it is occurring on the side where you are sleeping. The other good sign is that it disappears with cream.

Maybe consider getting a test for your own peace of mind. This would put an end to your worrying and you would be able to live without the constant worry of HIV. Imagine the relief when you get a negative result!

Good luck and best wishes,


Originally posted by betty13:
I had a protected incident of intercourse, unprotected oral (giving and receiving) about 2 months ago. I am not 100% sure of the status of the other person. They say neg., but I guess that isn't even 100%. I haven't had any major systems except for a rash. I had a rash about 2 weeks ago. It lasted for about 1 week. I only appeared at night, was real, real itchy, and when I put cream on it, it would go away and be gone in the morning. I have no idea if this is just an allegic reaction or not. I got nothing for the last week and a half, then got it again yesterday. It appears in blotches and in different parts of my body. Yesterday it only appeared on one side of my body, and the other side was totally fine. It was from my neck all the way to my waist. It seems like if I'm lying on my side, it'll appear there, or if on my stomach, it will appear on my stomach. Almost as if heat produces it. But the timing of it has me very worried. Does this seem like a typical rash of HIV? Do rashes of seroconversion appear this early?? I'm extremely scared and don't know what to do. I used protection, so normally I wouldn't even worry about it, but this is really word and I'm scared. How safe are you really from HIV when using a condom??? HELP!

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