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Sorry it's taken longer than normal for me to reply - I've been exceptionally busy over the past couple of days. It looks like Francis has been able to offer you some good advice though.

Anyway, in response to your questions:

1. Hot(like sunburn), aching and pain at my upper back (spinal and lung area) w/c started 24 hrs after the incident and which lasted for 11th day ( is these acuteR.S. ? but it started within 2 days after exposure

As this started within 2 days after the exposure, this is too soon for ARS. The earliest ARS is seen is at five days, and this is very rare. It is normally encountered at 25 days after initial infection and lasts an average of 22 days. Furthermore, these symptoms do not sound like those seen during ARS - more like something muscular.

2. The white nerves besides on my mouth I described above. ( is this associated w/ a disease? or because of the 11th day burning and pain at my back plus the 3 amoxyllin 250mg?

This could be a case of oral thrush, although this is unlikely. As you seem to already know, antibiotics can cause a yeast overgrowth because the "good" bacteria which prevent this overgrowth are killed as well as the "bad".

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "white nerves" though.

3. What are the possible diseases that could lead to oral lesion like mine aside from HIV and diabetic?

An oral lesion is, I presume, an ulcer in your case. These can be caused by:

a) Stress
b) Trauma to the inside of the mouth e.g. rubbing of a tooth on the cheek, accidental biting of the inside of the mouth.
c) Poor diet
d) The cold sore (Herpes Simplex) virus

Yes, HIV and diabetes can be a cause, but only two of many.

However, after saying all this, if you did have unprotected sex, it would be advisable to take a test. I know this is not easy and you seem to be particularly distressed right now about the possibility of contracting HIV. Before contemplating the test, please seek some counselling or therapy to help you through this time. No professional will force you to take a test until you are ready, but they will help to guide you through you fears and give you some depth of understanding.

Use this board as often as you need. We're all here for you.

Good luck and best wishes,


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