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Here's my situation. I'm a 20 year old male, generally healthy. I am not and was never sexually active, and I do not use IV drugs. For the past two years, I've noticed swollen lymph nodes under my jaw on both sides (submandibular region), a few in my neck, some odd bumps that may or may not be nodes above my left collar bone, and one or two lumps in both my armpits. I assume the lumps in my armpits are nodes. During the past two years they've gone up and down slightly in size, but have always remained generally swollen. Sometimes they're sore and tender, other times they're just there. I've seen several doctors, none of whom seem too concerned. I have had standard bloodwork done and it all came back ok. However, recently I've noticed a few new lymph nodes and they are all currently sore and swollen. I've done quite a bit of research on the web and everything seems to point to HIV/AIDS. As a result I'm scared to hell. My only risk of exposure (and I might be paranoid here) was during some volunteer work I did at a hospital. I had to do a routine TB skin test and I don't recall seeing the nurse opening up a brand new needle to administer it. This event coincides with the time that my nodes began to swell. I am extremely worried now that I may have been infected and am not sure if I should go for testing. I guess I would like to know if I am at risk and if what I've described is a sign of HIV. Also, what are the complications involved with being tested? Do the doctors ask a lot of questions? Can I be refused the test? Privacy?? And what about the standard bloodwork I've had done? Would HIV infection cause abnormal results? If my standard bloodwork was ok should I still consider HIV testing? Please, I'm very very worried. I'm only 20 and I'm too young to deal with this. Especially since I haven't done anything wrong or stupid like unprotected sex or drugs. Please help.

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