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[QUOTE=KingBee;4651093]Thank you for the rapid response [SIZE="4"]joggen [/SIZE]and [SIZE="4"]smiteler[/SIZE]...

should I not worry about the possible precum exposure outside sphincter muscles? what if there was, and it sort of leaked into the anus? because during this there was no condom...


Hi James, if the condom was in place when he withdrew, then no risk at all. I think your concern is more as this was your first time and not 100% what happened behind ( no pun intened ) As for the precum, if it was outside the body then their is no risk as HIV dosnt live out side then body. Also he has to HIV + in the first place, and the odds of him being HIV in the UK is less than 1%. Getting HIV from a "unprotected " sexual encounter is less than 1% per exposure.

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