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Hi Doc,

Not sure if are answering questions. But i need an expert point of view.

I met a guy December 3rd 2010 we went to his hotel room and we had oral sex. I have asked him prior to sex on his hiv status and he said he was negative.
I has a cold soar on my upper lip and we had 69 so we performed and each other. He did not cum on my mouth and i did not on his. when i went to get a towel i saw a regiment of pills on the bathroom on a daily pill management thing. So i asked him about his staus and he said he is neg.
4 to 5 days later i start feeling nauseous and not feeling right and a rash on my body left side that healed in 3 to 4 days. This continued for a while and gotten worse by the 4 and the 5th week. the 5th week i got these symptoms

1- Nauseous with no vaulting.
2- Stomach pain and growling no diarrhea
3- head aches
4- My through was a bit painful
5- No apatite but i was able to force my self and eat.
6- A rash a bit raised and a bit reddish the size 1" in diameter on my left arm
7- I felt feverish but my temp showed 98.2 when i checked it.
I took a rapid test January 6th ( little more than 5 weeks) and it came up negative. Everything went away January 9th like nothing happened.
My questions to you sir are:

1- Could this be early hiv symptoms or acute hiv?
2- Can i rely on my 5 weeks rapid test?
3- Can this be only anxiety?

I called few center and i got conflicting informations. I'm dying of anxiety and fear for my wife and kids.

[QUOTE=Bill addi;4663549]Another question: I have called couple of hot lines while under anxiety and bith said that rash is NOT and hiv early symptom. Is that true? If so what do you consider early HIV symptoms?


Hi Bill,

The hotlines were correct to say this to you. In the same way that not having a rash is not a sign somebody does not have HIV. HIV cannot be determined through the symptoms you may or may not have, I know I say this a lot but there really is a reason for it. People will react differently to an HIV infection, some violently, some not at all. The symptoms of HIV you see on net are not check lists, they are data gathered from HIV positive patients and to be honest if I had my way every site that had list of HIV symptoms would be removed. They cause so much anxiety, stress and unnecessary concern. The symptoms you see listed really are in the grey area of diagnosing HIV, what is not is the HIV test. This lives in the very black and white world and cuts through the greyness of doubt. Your test at five weeks did this, you are negative and given your astronomically low risk any father test you take will undoubtedly be the same.

Yes people do get infected with HIV and yes there is a very really risk out there if anybody indulges in unprotected anal or vaginal sex with somebody who's status is not known. Even the infection rate is not consistent, some people may get infected from a one off occurrence, some people may live with HIV positive partners for years and not get infected.

The point is buddy, please stop, trying to determine your HIV status by what you believe may or may not be symptoms, many people have tried before only to be told the complete reverse through an HIV test.

You asked do we read and research, I can only speak for myself . I have spent the last five years researching this area, talking to HIV specialists, reading medical journals and reading the many posts of senior members of other HIV forums and seperating myth from fact. No, I am not an expert, I am just a guy, pretty much like you who had an scare and decided from that point on to educate myself and I assure you I would not post anything on this subject unless I was absolutely certain it was correct. Equally so I assure you my risk was exceptionally high and I believed I had many HIV symptoms. After many months of dread and fear I tested negative.

Regards Kevin.

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