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I had sex with a gay bottom man lastnight, i used condoms on him for anal sex
and no oral was involved except kissing, nearly 3 hours before sex I had cut my index
finger which bled profusely due to the knife cutting the skin slightly deep.
keeping the wound under tap water stopped the bleeding in a few minutes but the
gash and cut was open with deep reddishness visible. I had safe sex but gave a
handjob to the guy in the night and then realized that my entire hand along with
index finger was wet due to his precum on his shaft and entire head.....i don't
know this guys contact details and I'm worried to death and depression wondering
if I can contract HIV through this handjob with a cut on my finger. Please shed
some light on this...
[QUOTE=Kali333;4667728]I'd disagree.
I think it's remotely possible (but highly unlikely).
I'd get tested if were you, just to be sure.[/QUOTE]

i'm with apollo
testing for this is a waste of time and money

precum does have a small amount of hiv in it
but once it hits the air the hiv in it dies...

the cut on this persons hand would have to be
open and bleeding
once the bleeding stops the pathway is blocked.. period

so we have
dead virus + no path = no risk

that is even before we know there was hiv around
in the first place..

also the biggest reason of all is ..

nobody has ever been documented as getting hiv this way!

so i need to know
why you think this is even remotely possible????? :confused:
Well, even with a condom, the fact that he had anal sex means it is "remotely possible" he has been infected. If he'd had vaginal sex with a female partner while wearing a condom, it would be remotely possible. Condoms are not 100%.
That's why the term "safe sex" has been amended to "safer sex".
The precum getting in the cut on his finger is almost beside the point, although it does represent an exchange of bodily fluids.

The fact is, he had sex and is worried about HIV.
Yes, it's possible- remotely- that he has been infected, and so yes, he should be tested.
All of us probably should, whenever we start having sex with a new partner.

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