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So the question is: Could 2-day fever and one-night chills be a sign of hiv?
A "yes" reply to the question will not diagnose me hiv positive. A "no" will not rule out the risk of infection.

Thanks and regards.[/QUOTE]

is it possible?- yes
is it probable? - no

alot of people have sex with hiv positive people
and they don't get infected.
hiv isn't a easy to catch virus as many other virus are.
there is a element of bad luck involved also.

the thing is nobody can diagnose you thru symptoms
they will vary soo much with hiv that they are totally unreliable.
so you should save your freaking out untill after the test is done
when you will know for sure what the real deal is.
good luck
Mate!! so sorry to hear that but you should learn from this and take it as a life changing experience.
Now, taking in consideration that HIV is not easy to catch from one time exposure. Also, it is more difficult to ctach from women to man.
so i would suspect you to come out of it OK.
Just go get tested now with HIV DUO test, if it is available in your country. Its a bit expensive test but you will come to know about your stauts. And It can save you from lot of worries either way.

Best of Luck!!:angel:

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