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it would be highly unlikley you got hiv from what you discribe
the risk would be so small its not worth the worry

you need a signifigant amount of contact to get hiv
have you have had carpet burns before?
well the friction from unprotected sex will put that type of condition on the skin of your genitals and you will get infected by the microscopic tears in your skin
by your blood being mixed with the blood of an infected person.

so there is no way you got infected by what you discribe
even if the person was full blown with aids.

people have full on unprotected sex for years
and don't get it
it is not easy to catch,it won't go thru your skin

i'm sorry you don't understand hiv and are taking drugs
that are most likely a waste of time.
i'm suprised a medical professional would give them out that easy
but just because they are in the field
doesn't mean they know squat about hiv either.

good luck

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