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Before I start describing my symptoms or what I'm going through I'd like to say that I'm getting tested for HIV tomorrow (more than 7 weeks following possible exposure). Nonetheless, I'm extremely anxious and cannot stop ruminating about tomorrow.

I'm a gay male and I had unprotected sex with another guy (I was the receptive partner. He did not "finish inside"). He happens to be a friend of a friend and I've spoken to him about my fear of having contracted HIV from our encounter. He claims to have been tested about 3 months prior to our encounter (he was negative).

3-4 days following that night I developed a mild sore throat. It wasn't really that bad but it lasted somewhere between 10 days to 2 weeks. I got better after that period of time but went on to develop swollen lymph nodes in my neck (multiple ones on both sides including the tonsilar, submandibular and supraclavicular lymph nodes). These lymph nodes were initially painful. I also started having a toothache (only hurt when I chewed on that side of my mouth) around an impacted wisdom tooth around this time. The lymph nodes kept getting bigger and about a week into the (worsening) swelling I was prescribed with antibiotics for 2 weeks. I also got a blood work and urinalysis done and everything was normal (including WBC's/lymphocytes, RBC's etc).

I went to a dentist the following day and was told that the wisdom tooth needed to be extracted. The extraction was performed a week later and the wisdom tooth was found to be infected and partly discoloured. Following the 2 weeks of antibiotics, the lymph nodes got smaller but they are still swollen to this day, however they don't hurt anymore unless I apply too much pressure which is probably a bad idea (again, 7 weeks following possible exposure). This scares me because it makes me think the problem is viral. However the dentist said that lymph nodes often swell when teeth are swollen and they can take time to get back to normal. I don't know what to think.

I did not experience any of the other symptoms associated with ARS as far as I know. No fevers or anything like that. I'm still extremely worried though because I know HIV symptoms vary greatly from one person to another.

I realize that tests done 7 weeks following the possible exposure can be inaccurate but I plan on doing one in a few weeks at the 3 month mark.

Anyway, I bet you guys get a lot of these threads. I'm just extremely anxious and worried. I have been losing sleep over this and ruminating pretty much all day and night.

Thanks a lot

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