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HIV - Swollen gland
Jul 26, 2011
I hope I'm a worrier but have serious doubts. A little more than 2 weeks ago I got very drunk and made a terrible decision to have sex with a prostitute in a racial group with a higher than normal risk factor where I'm from. I received oral w/condom, brief vaginal sex w/ same condom, then brief oral again (same condom). The condom was intact afterwards. I wasn't even into it and didn't finish. No sores or open wounds were present on my hands or genatalia. The following day I was riddled with guilt and wondered what I might have been exposed to. Approx 24 hours later (maybe less) I developed a swollen lymph gland on the right side under my jaw. The swelling is not noticable until i feel for it but is larger than the other side. It has persisted for over 2 weeks now and while my throat is not sore, I kind of feel that side of my throat when I swallow... but mostly when I think of it. I had a couple very minor headaches but no other 'symptoms' you'd find online.
My questions: Are there a few cases where symptoms appear so soon after a potential exposure? Why wouldn't my gland swelling go down unless it was fighting a viral infection of some kind? I think it's a little better now but that doesn't make me feel good about it. Finally I want to get a test of some kind but not sure which or who I should see about this. I have no family physician. Can I waltz into a medi clinic with this issue?

Thanks for listening.... this experience will change my life no matter what the outcome.
Thanks everyone. I still find it strange that slight swelling of the lymph node is persisting. But like you say maybe it's another issue altogether. Never really experienced this before. Most people say the swelling would not begin so soon after exposure but the fact it hasn't subsided for 2-1/2 weeks really has me concerned. One testimonial I read of a man affected said his lymph was swollen after 18hrs and he ended up positive.
You're all correct though.... time to get tested. Is there not a test that can be relied on before the 3 month mark? That seems like forever right now.

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