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[QUOTE=DWats;4833306]is there anyone who has had sex with peson hiv positive and not gotten the virus? i recently about 3 weeks ago had unprotected ( STUPID I KNOW) sex with a guy who i just found out is hiv positive.....i just need to know if will i more than likely have the virus?[/QUOTE]
i have some sort of good news for you
it is not uncommon at all for a person to
have sex with a positive person and they will not get infected.
in fact it happens alot and people are suprised about it.
hiv is not easy to catch.... the reason why is
that most people get infected thru a blood to blood mixture
due to the friction of the act. microsopic tears will occur in the
skin and the bloods will mix together in that manner
most people get infected thru unprotected anal sex
few get it from unprotected vaginal sex
and nobody gets it from oral sex.
so keep your hopes up that you dodged a bullet
chances are that you did!!!
the only way you are going to know is by getting tested.
so keep yourself busy until you go for it
and do not be suprised that you will end up ok thru it all.
good luck
let us know how you make out

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