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as you have been prevously told here
you had no risk for hiv
if you cannot accept this
get yourself tested
you will test negative
hiv is not a easy to catch virus
good luck

you can catch a std from simple skin contact
yes,just from touching someone!

there is no way for us to even guess if you
got something that is very very easy to catch.
that is why if you feel something is wrong,
a doctor is the best thing you can do.

all we have is a crystal ball and
that doesn't work very well on these things
i hope you understand...
[QUOTE=nanigadu;4839379]Thanx for your replies,Do i need any tests for hiv now i.e. 45 days after exposure ,moreover can i trust the pcr-dna result that was taken on 10 th day after exposure ,as all of you are saying that there is no risk for hiv,is it no need for me to take any test for hiv .Regarding std's i asked the doctor he said as there are no symptoms there is no need of taking any tests now.What should i do now ?[/QUOTE]

i would follow what the doctor says
unless you show signs of something wrong.

forget about hiv
it is not easy to catch
and you did not leave yourself open to get it.

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